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February 25 2003

Whatever happened to the TV western renaissance? The "ambitious but fatally flawed" Firefly gets 2, count 'em, 2 mentions in this article about The Lone Ranger on the WB.

[ edited by melsta on 2003-02-25 13:12 ]

Funny, I would have said fatally WOUNDED.

Anyone remember that there was a Lone Ranger movie made about 20 years ago that DIED at the box office? I'm not overly enthused about this one.
Wow, what a terrible article! Do you think Gail Pennington ever saw Firefly? I'm sick of people thinking that Firefly got cancelled because it was bad.

"One of Fox's Westerns turned out to be "Firefly," Joss Whedon's ambitious but fatally flawed shoot-'em-up set in the future."

What was Firfly's flaw? That it was too good? That it was on Fox? Also, western does not equal "shoot-'em-up."

""Firefly," for Fox, aimed for the kind of throwaway cool that would appeal to 20-something males, who turned out to be unwilling to deconstruct its complex plots."

That's a bold statement. Too bad it's flat-out wrong.
As a 20-something male, clearly I crave something throwaway cool (whatever the hell that means) that is also simple enough to be comprehended by my tiny, tiny peanut brain. That's why I love Fastlane so much. Wait, I don't and I don't. I agree that the only flaw with Firefly was that it was on FOX, where there's no room for any other denominator besides the lowest common one.

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