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November 15 2005

Greg the Bunny makes Keith Olbermann's 10 Shows worth watching list. The news commentator for MSNBC blogs about the 10 shows he finds are worth watching.

I've only actually ever seen half an episode of Greg the Bunny, but I loved that. Unfortunately, after I saw that ep, it never came back on Dutch tv. I think I may need to order the DVD.
Olbermann's a jacka$$ pure and simple.
I adore Olbermann. His news show is the only one I will watch.
Is it weird that I have no clue who Keith Olbermann is?
I don't either, GVH. I have a love for Greg The Bunny.

And for those who don't know, Fox recently released the rights for Greg The Bunny, and it's in production on another TV station as a new series now (sans Seth Greene - the actors were released from their contract options by Fox).
GVH, he has a nightly hourlong cable news show on MSNBC. It is funny and irreverent.
He's also notable for being one of the very U.S. TV interview anchors who's an outspoken, unapologetic liberal and nearly as arrogant-seeming as certain rightwing hosts. Hence the controversy. (Most are either conservative or their politics are vague and a matter of controversy -- i.e., lefties think they're righties and righties think they're lefties).
Before Greg the Bunny was a series on Fox (with Seth Green and Eugene Levy), it was a series of short movie parodies on IFC. (And before that it was a show on public access in NYC.) This latest Greg series resumes the movie parodies. See for more info.
GVH, he has a nightly hourlong cable news show on MSNBC. It is funny and irreverent.

Ah, well, that explains it. We only get MSNBC in the morning. In the afternoon and evening the channel changes to national geographic channel over here.

And drewfidelic, that's a pretty weird show history. Never knew greg the bunny had so many incarnations.
I love Keith Oberman. I watch his show on MSNBC every week. He's funny and agrees with my politics!

but enough of that. I haven't seen a full episode of Greg The Bunny but its Seth Green and thats enough for me to validate it as worth keeping around.
Greg is great. For those who want to catch up on dvd, here's what is available on dvd:
Greg The Bunny (the Fox sitcom with Seth Green and Sarah Silverman);
Greg the Bunny: Best of the Film Parodies (IFC shorts);
Passion Of Greg The Bunny: Best Of The Film Parodies Vol. 2 (IFC shorts plus the "Fur on the Asphalt" special with Seth Green).
And here's his Facebook page:

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