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November 15 2005

New Trailer for Done the Impossible. Check out the new & improved, up-to-the-gills-in-BDHs trailer for Done the Impossible (fan documentary on Firefly & Serenity). Plus, find out about the REAL Nathan Fillion behind the smiling facade.

Beautiful women, handsome heroes, gut-wrenching emotions ... and that's just the trailer! This trailer is a must see - Adam, Morena, Jewel, Ron, John T. (as in "Trouble") Cassaday, Brett Matthews, John Swedon ;) and more.

I simply cannot wait to see the finished project!

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Having trouble getting into the site
oops - bad, miyu!

xiexie zeitgeist!
I'm now having trouble watching these. No problem towards you, miyu_tVP of course. Thank you very much. I just tend to grow sad. I think I need a break on my home turf awhile.
What problems are you having? These videos only require QuickTime 5 or newer. Which is a pretty old version. ( )

If you can play any of the trailers on Apple's movie trailer site, you should be able to play these. If you don't want to install QuickTime they should also play in VLC.
JeremyN - this is an excellent trailer. In fact, having shot a movie about the same subject matter, I'm completely jealous - this looks far better produced. Ours was shot on a budget of about 3 and some ticktacks, so the quality difference is a little visible :)

And also, having met Nathan in a bar I can safely back up the fact he's a geninuely lovely guy.
Woo, that was great again. I cannot wait for the finished product. I pre-ordered this what feels like ages ago, but I'm glad they're taking their time to make this documentary as good as it can be.

Did I mention I can't wait for this to come out?

gossi - I feel like I'm asking something very obvious to everyone...but you shot a movie on the same subject matter?
GVH - from a UK perspective. We shot at the fan table in Birmingham and the Edinburgh world premiere with the cast, along with a 2 hour interview with joss ('reel life') which covers Serenity, Wonder Woman, Spike (oh dear), the early Buffy days and - most importantly - robot garbage trucks.

It's currently sat on MiniDV tapes in my flat - I don't have the facilities to digitise and edit the footage, nor the budget, so trying to work something out.
Ah, gossi, that sounds great. If you ever do manage to work something out, I'd very much like to see that.
I still wish there was a way to download the trailer since I'm on dial up. Grumble grumble.
Yeah, I preordered it a while ago too. I'll do such a happy dance when I get this in the mail. Possibly even the Snoopy dance, or the Numfar dance of joy. I haven't quite decided yet.
GVH, That is great. How about the trailer? My QT at work is old and I get no sound and it is a curious torment to be able to see Joss speak and not hear what he has to say!
I too ordered this a long time ago and am very much looking forward to it.
And Madhatter? Are you going to be able to make it home any time soon?
BTW, the high res trailer will also work with xine and mplayer, provided you have the codecs installed.
Heh, I was just looking at old e-mails I'd saved and I noticed the PayPal confirmation for this DVD and wondered, "I wonder if that's shipped yet." Good to see an update on it. From the trailers, wow, it looks like it'll be worth it. Quality.

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