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February 25 2003

No spin-off after all? Eliza Dushku has been cast as the lead in Fox's untitled graduate student drama pilot.

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"The drama from Rob Cohen ("The Fast and the Furious") and Jon Feldman ("American Dreams"), revolves around a woman who graduates from college and discovers that she's able to save lives by changing the course of events. Cohen is set to direct."

Well looks like the Faith spin-off has died before it even got started.

:-( I was hoping for a Faith spin-off.
God f*cking dammit!!! All the news I'd been reading (and hearing from my own sources) were pointing to Eliza going with the Faith spin-off. ARGH!!!

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Just when I'm getting all excited about the possibility!

... then what the HELL is the spin off going to be?
I gave this some more thought, and Eliza could just be hedging her bets by being cast in both the Faith spin-off and this untitled Fox pilot. Just because she's going to be in the pilot for Fox doesn't mean things won't change later (examples include the unaired Buffy pilot with a different actress playing Willow and in the Charmed pilot with another actress playing Phoebe, before Alyssa Milano took the role).
Not to mention Sherilyn Fenn and the ill-fated Birds of Prey. I would have watched that show had she been in it.
Don't panic, pilots get made all the time with little to no result (and to think, the BEST gets aired *roll eyes*).

I, for one, am NOT counting out a Faith spin-off just yet.
Does anyone find the irony in Eliza, who is always talking about maybe someday going back to school playing this role. Still, the premise is a sad retread. I can almost hear the pitch, "Let's make the 'Would you kill Hitler as a baby' question into a series!" Still, it horribly reeks a bit of Voyagers or more closely Quantum Leap, minus the leaving her reality part.

I think the good news is that Eliza is willing to do television that might be a long term commital, which puts the ki-bosh on everyone who says she won't sign because she's doing film now.
Could this just be a one-time favor she's doing for the director, with an eye towards being in one of his action movies? My heart was breaking as I was reading the Variety article about it. Eliza, please don't be the one to kill the Faith show. :(
As I said a couple of weeks ago on this board, I've never believed that a Faith spin-off was viable. We've already had it from a reliable source (Joss and Marti) that the spin-off or revamp would be a fresh, original idea. Faith the Vampire Slayer is neither fresh nor original. It was never going to happen. And even if ME changed its innovative character overnight and went for the obvious, both Spike and Willow are much more popular characters than Faith, and Marsters and Hannigan are streets ahead of Dushku in acting talent.
I personally hope there IS no spin-off... I certainly don't want to see this become like the Trek franchise... over-saturation of the fan market due to too many TV shows, people will get sick of it then, and spin-offs, over time, have this amazing way of degrading the quality of the entire franchise over time.

Angel is a great show, and will continue being one for awhile, hopefully, until it's run its course, too. Then we can end it all, and we'll be left with two WONDERFUL whole series we can reminisce and enjoy for many years.
Herc as usual has his take on the situation.

Another Key Clue About That BUFFY Spinoff!!

Spoilers in the page.

And an interesting comment at the end.
Of course, this only clears the way for the inevitable Jonathan spinoff.
Also wanted to mention that this untitled pilot is for Fox, and with their long track record of cancelling TV series (the most amusing one for me is when they cancelled Malcolm in the Middle, only to bring it back after fans bitched about it, and it's since won several awards, go figure) in favor of reality programming, methinks Eliza would be better off with Joss and company...

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