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November 16 2005

Serenity DVD drops to $16.98 on Amazon. Currently #21 in the charts on DVD for Amazon. In cinema news, Polish browncoat MissOrange reports (reg req): "I just got the news that they've dropped Serenity in Poland".

Now that's rather reasonable...I've got 2 on pre-order...
Yeah, it's about 9.50 in UK terms, which for a new release DVD price wouldn't happen here. However, in the UK we pay well over the odds for DVDs because we're stupid (or the market is rigged here).
Nice price, I'm keeping my order at PlayUSA though, it may be 14.99 but at least there's a decent chance of having it by Christmas, with Amazon that just won't happen.
Pre-orders, schme-orders. I want to go to the store and fondle a bunch of the cases before choosing the right one. It's like picking out a good mellon or X-mas tree....
alexreager - that's disturbing :)
Nothing wrong with a bit of fondling before parting with cash.. for DVDs.
*raises eyebrow at gossi*
*fondles zeitgeist's DVDs*
This is not 'Carry On Whedonesqueing'.
I know, I know, personal space bubble. Once More, With Camp.

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I know, don't encourage gossi... :)
I just re-ordered it with 2 day shipping. This is VERY odd:
Shipping estimate: November 17, 2005
Delivery estimate: November 21, 2005

NOVEMBER 17?????
Not sure how to take this news. It's good news for us, but why is the price being reduced? Because sales aren't as high as expected? Or will it increase the sales and have a positive effect?

I'm still really undecided about where to get Serenity from. I'm just wondering how long it will take to get here from I don't mind if it isn't here by Christmas, but I would like it as soon as possible.
I wouldn't read much into the pricing. These things go up and down all the time.
The announced price and the price before release almost always changes. They almost have to if they find out what stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy etc... will be selling it for. I doubt anything has changed in terms of forcasted DVD sales.
Mort -- maybe its because they are allowing for the weekend in their shipping calc? If the carrier may or may not do Sat delivery, they will assume business days only in calculation.
Mort is right. Doesn't this DVD come out in December??
Yeah, the amazon price was too-high before, and actually it's a good sign of its popularity. They tend to have the best prices for the best-selling DVDs -- if it climbs any higher on their chart, I wonder if it'll go down any farther.
I wished I could take these bargains. But overseas shipping, is not exactly cheap, and local customs aren't quite the pleasant people, when they force us to pay for 60% of the overall price (product price + shipping).
For those of you concerned about shipping from Amazon -- I pre-ordered my copy using standard shipping and it was going to arrive in January! I changed it to two-day shipping and the arrival date changed to Dec. 22. Well worth the extra couple bucks, in my opinion!!
phlebotinin I somehow totally glossed over the NOVEMBER part... my mind is elsewhere.
Ah, this is a very decent price. Haven't pre-ordered yet, although I just might do so now. Still thinking about getting one version from every region. Yes, I'm insane. :-p
I canceled my previous order, and re-ordered, and this time I have not only the cheaper price but also an earlier shipping date (previous they said not before Dec 24th, and now I have a guarentee of by December 23rd). So Yay! for re-ordering.
Amazon's delivery estimates are all lies. There's been maybe one time when I've gotten my package on the delivery date, and the rest of the times I've gotten it significantly earlier. With preorders, I usually get the package by Friday at the very latest, and that's the super-saver shipping. Amazon rocks the casbah.
Still showing at $27.27 at (bleh!) I'm going to the store the day it comes out (probably best buy) so I can make sure I get it in time for Xmas. Plus I can see it again right away...
Those of you who've seen the movie, please read the following invisotext (i.e. spoilers for those who haven't--all three of you, don't highlight this) from

Not to be a snob, but this is the best writing they could get for the very first product description on's Serenity page? Let's just say I'm guessing Joss didn't write this...and would probably shove a red pen up the author's nose given half the chance. *groan*
Joss shoulda been the boss of that too.

[ edited by Danica on 2005-11-17 01:10 ]
Just cancelled and re-ordered mine too and am glad I did because I had ordered "Batman Begins" with it and noticed they had a deluxe version now with a free comic. This time I did chose the "two-day shipping" so I'll get the guaranteed before Christmas delivery.
That blurb is provided by the studio.
That blurb must have been penned by a studio head's toddler. Seriously, that's just embarassing.
It's not the Queen of Blurbylonia, that's for sure . . .

Heh. Well, no, that is one bad blurb...
For those who've seen the movie, check out the categories on Amazon. I don't know how to invisotext here, but there's a few amusing ones in there which give away large plot elements.

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