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November 16 2005

Serenity surpasses Firefly on's Top Sellers list. Firefly's at #15. Serenity's at #13, the best I've seen it at yet.

I'm not sure if this information is worthy of being posted as a story, but I just wanted to share the good news. Personally, I think Serenity getting better sales than Firefly is an important milestone.

I'm seeing a changing of the guard here. First Firefly was in the top ten for I don't know how many weeks, now this. Gladness.
Very happy to see this! All those people who have been buying the Firefly dvds must be all done watching now and are ready to see how it all turns out.
Yes, this can't help but be good. Have 2 on pre-order, and will be pre-ordering more for presents (to supplement the Firefly DVD sets I gave for Christmas last year.)
Excellent, and so begins the journey to warrant us a sequel or possibly straight to dvd stories in the world of firefly.
Oh and Serenity is # 11 and Firefly # 15.
Oh and Serenity is # 11 and Firefly # 15.

Wow... that was fast!

Let's get it in the top ten! COME ON!!!

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Happily did my duty today!
PLEASE NOTE, Firefly dropped 3 dollars to 26 buxx and some change! woo!
Looks like the price drop really made a difference, it was still number 21 when I looked earlier.
Also note that they're offering an additional $10 off if you buy both season 1 and 2 of Arrested Development, which is causing season 1 to ride the popularity wave of season 2. Even if you already have it, it's worth it at that price, since you can easily turn around and resell it at a profit or use it as a $10 stocking stuffer.

The odd thing about the cross-promotions for Firefly/Serenity is that Serenity is upselling Firefly as its "better together" match, but Firefly (the long-term better seller) is upselling the Finding Serenity book instead. Which is great for Keith et al, but not so much for Serenity DVD sales.

As for why March of the Penguins is outselling Serenity, there I have no explanation... ;)
Well, to be fair, RayHill... I think that's just a natural extension of the fact that March of the Penguins did more than triple Serenity's box office.
Now it's number 10! Woo! *does happy dance*

And I am also glad for the Arrested, I have both seasons <3
I just ordered both seasons of AD - missed the boat when they first aired but had just started watching it when it aired before "Kitchen Confidential" and liked it quite a bit.
@RayHill - perhaps Firefly has 'Finding Serenity' as its match so they can ship both items together immediately. Also the book, based as it is on the series rather than the movie,can tide people over till they get their hands on the dvd. Amazon might well change the match once Serenity is no longer a pre-order.
Still at number 10. But also still in theaters here. Going to see it tomorrow and inviting my dad. And some other hugely geeky people.
Wheee, top 10 position o/ I'm sure it'll climb once it actually gets released. There's always people who don't like pre-ordering.

And on a different note: Serenity is finally opening in the Netherlands today. I'm going with some friends tonight. I've already seen the movie twice, but I'm still looking forward to it. Serenity got good reviews in de Spits en Metro today (free newspapers that are distributed at train stations and the like), and overall the Dutch reviews have been good (some exceptions as always), so that's a plus. Hopefully there'll be a respectable crowd tonight....
The price drop yesterday and related Whedonesque coverage probably helped this spike. It needs to keep climbing.
Hopefully the four star reviews it's getting here in the Metro and Spits (free morning papers) in the Netherlands ('better than Matrix 2 and 3 together', 'imagine the fun of Star Wars I with better dialogue', 'Better than ALL of the Star Trek series put together') will boost the overseas DVD sales, if not actual bums on seats tonight. The larger dailies are less impressed. 3 out of 4 and a lot of misunderstanding ('space monsters', 'not a lot of humour'). Sigh.
Heh, were all of those from that Metro review, Caroline? I thought that was a great one as well :) You going as well tonight?

As for boosting international sales: I think more Dutch people than you'd guess import things like cd's and DVD's, so I think that might just be a possibility.
I am so glad it is still opening up somewhere! Enjoy enjoy!
I think two quotes from Metro and one from Spits, not sure though. I have to confess I'm hadn't considered going tonight yet. Nobody to go with, yadda yadda yadda. My head's still in Dublin.

... ok, just booked for the 7pm show at Pathe Arena. Just me, myself and I.
Ah, check. I'm going to Pathé Scheveningen this evening. I wonder how many people are going to be in the theatre this evening.

Oh, and if you want to rewatch, Caroline, we're having a Serenity meeting with a couple of people from the dutch sci-fi/fantasy newsgroup nl.kunst.sf+fantasy saturday afternoon. We're going to the 13:20 showing in Pathé Arena, so feel free to join in if you want to.

And, yes, I recognise two quotes from the Metro review...couldn't place one directly, so that one's probably from the Spits review. It's great that the movie is getting good reviews in these papers, because a lot of people read 'em.
That sounds fab, GVH, I'm working the weekend shift (from home), but perhaps I can sneak out for a bit, it's only a couple of stops on the metro.
Speaking of the Serenity DVD, check out the bottom of the Serenity movie site. Not utterly sure that info should be there.
OK, the 7pm show had about 30 people in the audience. I recognised one guy from the premiere, I think he brought a colleague. There were a handful of Brits with Dutch friends and an American couple with their young son (They may have freaked over the, um, 'frank' advertising before the show. :o )

People laughed in all the right places, the vibe in the room was good and there was a little applause after. The Brits said they'd seen the film before AND had downloaded the bootleg that's floating around, but they were there 'to put bums on seats'.

I didn't hang out to see how many would attend the late showing, but I reckon there'd be more than 30.

Great to see the film again. This time I tried to focus on details, backgrounds, foreshadowing etc, but was once again swept away by the story. Mad that. One shot lingers in my mind. I'm not quite sure when it is, but there's a shot where you see two white mannequin dolls in the distant background, a male and a female figure. It's pretty.
Robogeek, I prefer to think that it's an seditionist plot by penguins, who intend to take over the world by embedding subliminal programming devices in their DVDs, selling them to every family with a child under the age of 12, and conditioning the next generation of world leaders to fear and worship all non-flying birds (an updated version of the same scheme that cats used on the Egyptians, back in the day). The box office numbers are just a red herring. :)

Purplehazel, that's a very plausible theory. I checked Battlestar Galactica, the animated Clone Wars, and a few of the not-yet-released series, and they all behave the same. The not-yet-released item points to the most relevant already-released item. But the already-released item rarely points to a pre-order item. Although there are some exceptions, like seasons 3 and 4 of 24.

Simon, more than likely that info is there for the search engines, since most of the rest of the site is images and Flash content.
Caroline? 2 white mannequin dolls? Can you say at what point? I don't remember seeing them.
Weren't they in the robbery scene? You could see some weird doll things behind Zoe at the point when River is signaling to her about the guy with the gun.
Lalaa, that's the scene, yeah!
Ah, great, Caroline. The 21:20 showing in Sheveningen had about 80 people. The atmosphere were good. There were obviously a lot of people who'd seen the show and everyone seemed to 'get' the movie.

There were some people up front who were obviously browncoats, seeing as they yelled 'woo!' when the word was used in the movie and they cheered on seeing Joss' name on the screen. I think they were speaking English, so they probably weren't Dutch.

Still, there were more people familiar with the show there than I'd have thought. All in all, a nice time. And seeing the movie for the third time didn't make me enjoy it any less. Already looking forward to seeing it again this Saturday.

Oh, and caroline, if you want to go Saterduy, we're meeting in front of the theatre at 13:00. You know what I look like, so if you're there, come over, say hi and join us :-)
See you there GVH, I just bought a ticket.

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