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November 16 2005

Nick's show 'Kitchen Confidential' will be rebroadcast on FX. The Fox cable channel will air all 3 episodes of the show on Nov. 27 at 11:30 am eastern time, before its return to Fox Dec 5th.

OT - a name that I had hoped we might not see again for a long time has returned.

WELCOME TO PARADISE (FOX, New!) - "Smallville" star Michael Rosenbaum and executive producer Greg Beeman are set to team for a new half-hour comedy at the network about a 13-year-old boy whose eccentric family moves from New York to Indiana. The pair will executive produce along with Jordan Levin, Pete Aronson and Mike Karz ("Malibu's Most Wanted").

hope its cancelled. Jordan Levin is to Angel what Fox was to Firefly.
I'm so confused - is KC cancelled or what? I hope not because I think it was just starting to hit it's stride.
Hope its canceled? bah! Michael Rosenbaum is awesome and it can't get canceled if its not picked up. All they've done is made a script committment(written by Michael, again awesome)

And yeah KC is canceled. But what they may be seeing is if it does better on FX and maybe if it did, FX would try to pick it up themselves?
Fox will "rebroadcast all 3 episodes of the show aired to date"? For some reason, that sentence strikes me as hilarious.
I read that there were four episodes, of which two are new. At least according to this link:

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Um, isn't MR kind of committed to Smallville? Or is he doing double duty?
"Fox will "rebroadcast all 3 episodes of the show aired to date"? For some reason, that sentence strikes me as hilarious."

Yeah, along the lines of the "Wonderfalls" DVD box claiming it includes "All 13 episodes, including 9 that never aired!"
Well TiVo has different information than the Futon Critic does. A few days ago I did a search for KC and found that FX was showing some unaired and previously aired episodes on Sunday the 27th. So I told TiVo to record the two that hadn't aired yet. Those two are still on my "To Do" list. For those of you who don't have TiVo that's a list of shows that you told it to record that are upcoming.

Now then, when you look at TiVo's schedule for FX, Sunday the 27th at 10:30 am (I'm on Central Time) where there was once KC there is now reruns of "Stacked". And when I check my To Do List and still see KC on there and ask TiVo to show me upcoming episodes, it says there are none. And when I do a Title Search for KC, it isn't even on the list.

December 5th is a few too many days ahead to see what TiVo has to say about KC in its regular time slot. Once TiVo downloads info that would include the 5th, then it should show up on the Title Search if KC really is going to return on the 5th.

What this looks like is that FX had planned on showing KC in that slot but have changed their minds and replaced it with "Stacked". FX's website only gives the schedule through the 24th.

But, TiVo has been wrong in the past. So what's the more reliable info? Beats me. But if it's something we want FOX to do, chances are it won't be that.

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Well, though batmarlowe's comment confused the hell out of me, it did make me generally worried.

I hope FX is rebroadcasting it long enough for me to watch the episodes...

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