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November 17 2005

Win a copy of the cine-manga Buffy book. TokyoPop takes on 'The Gift' with a photo-novel book that's packed with "vivid screen captures and manga-style word balloons". There's also never seen before 'behind the scenes material' about the 100th episode.

One example of the trivia in the book according to a reviewer at

We learn that not all of the previous 99 episodes appear in the opening montage, there was a scene at the end that tries to fake us out into thinking Anya has died, and the fake head of Sarah Michelle Gellar that they put on the Buffy-bot makes her look like she should be in a George A. Romero zombie film.

This is a fun little book, but it's not absolutely must-have. I love comics, I love Buffy, I love tv and I love background information, but somehow I just can't take photo's with dialogue-baloons seriously as a medium for telling a story. But that might just be me being closed minded ;-).
Yes, I agree with GVH that it does sound rather silly, but Buffy?

Color me entered!
There's still unseen footage?
Hmm... I would have thought the dailies were all that was left...

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