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"Did you just say 'thoom'?"
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November 17 2005

Hush clip w/commentary on ifilm. A clip from the new DVD set. Has Joss, Amber, and Danny talking about "Hush." very, very short...need...more...
Short but shiny :)
So Joss' commentary is not new, I believe, but Amber's and Danny's is?
Even that is enough to make me want to watch some Buffy tonight if it were not for the fact that I have to watch the last 2 eps of Veronica Mars.
Oh the agony Lioness!
nixygirl, it's true! Don't laugh. There are just so many hours in the day for Jossian goodness. Ah, mine is a hard life.
Hrph. iFilm doesn't like me. Anyone know of another place this could be seen?
Please? :D

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