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November 17 2005

Oh Myfanwy! I'm the only gay in the village you see! ASH returns alongside David Walliams and Matt Lucas tonight in "Little Britain", which kicks off at 9pm on BBC1. However Little Britain night begins in just 3 minutes, you can hear Tom Baker narrate between the shows. Yeh but, no but, I didnt even do nuffin so stop giving me eevils!

Personally I cannot wait to see Bubbles De Vere.

She does look rather sumptuous nude!

I love seeing Tony is this as he plays the part of PM perfectly, quite normally, but still manages to make it funny.

I'm really disappointed with Little Britain though. I remember seeing the first episode and laughing so much, but basically once you've seen a character once, you've seen all there is to see, and every sketch will just have them doing exactly the same thing, which gets tiring after a while.

Andy and Lou are still funny, though, and Vicky Pollard is hilarious, but many of the other characters I just find tedious. Like the "Mr Man" sketch, where the man always comes into a shop and is looking for something ridiculously specific. They just change what kind of shop it is and what he's looking for, but it's the same sketch.

Despite this it is still kind of funny, I just wish they were less repetitive and didn't resort to some really infantile humour on occasion. Definitely overrated, and The Office is a much better UK comedy.

"Don't be giving me evils!"
Meanwhile, my dad saw ASH in a London play last week (Otherwise Engaged, I believe) and said he was great (he had no clue who he was, but I saw the program and asked).
Sounds like he's getting pretty steady work, in a whole variety of media!
Cough Splutter Cough!

Oh my god Razor, yeh but no but, cuz Tiffany says that Amber was down the bike sheds and Jamie Dornham was having a feel of her tit, but don't listen to her cuz she said that Amber was - you know Amber, Amber Amber, Amber and Shaz Amber - anyway where was I? - Oh yes, anyway Louise McKenna says that I gave Carl Smith a blowy but I didnt, and don't listen to her cuz she smells of mud!

I do agree that some sketches do get repetitive, (especially Lou and Andy. I. Cannot. Stand. Them.) but others just keep on making me laugh and laugh and laugh. Vicky Pollard, Daffyd, Emily Howard, the incredible Bubbles De Vere dahling! And from reading what exactly will be happening in the latest series...well come 9 o clock, I'm going to be ver happy

(Just heard Tom Baker's latest narration, and it cracked me up: "But first its off to see how the poor people live in the first of two editions of Eastenders". Hee!)
I agree in part, Razor, although I think humor can arise just from repetition.

The Fast Show managed pretty well by pushing the bounds of what repetition could accomplish, in a way that often was unexpected and sometimes added really interesting layers to their characters (especially Ralph and Ted - the parallel to Andy and Lou in a way because of the bittersweetness, - and Rowley Birkin, QC). But, you're right, most of the time Little Britain, although more strangely surreal, doesn't quite reach that level. For me at least.

Apocalypse, for my money Andy and Lou are the best thing on it. Tastes, huh? :)
Is this the 3rd season? I have the two first on DVD.. I do agree that repetion sometimes can kill off a decent sketch, but more often than not I end up either chuckling heartily or laughing my arse off from their antics.

Marjorie Dawes is still my favourite though :)

"Give me the money!"
I never watched a full episode, prefer the darkness of the League of Gentlemen.
It's a shame that the masses never took to The League of Gentlemen in the same way that they have to Little Britain, it was a much better show, hopefully one day they'll do that 4th season the BBC apparantly still want.

Little Britain is ok, but every single episode is pretty samey, Lou and Andy are probably my favorites, not at all keen on the Vicky Pollard sketches. The Tony Head ones are usually pretty funny too, he deserves a much better show but he seems to enjoy doing this.

I'm looking forward to tonights season premiere of The Worst Week of my Life much more than LB.
SNT, I cannot understand why people like them! To me they just do the same thing every episode. You know that Lou is going to ask Andy a question, Andy will pop out a random word, Lou will go "Are you sure", Andy will go yes, The word happens. Andy doesn't like it.

Mind you the same can be said with almost every sketch. I guess I just "don't like that one" (No pun intended!...well it blatantly was)

"Little Britain" also holds the honour of being the only show that all generations of my warring family can agree on. Now when you get to the favourite character...thats when the blood is spilt.
You ain't seen me, right?
I'm pretty much the only person I know who doesn't like Little Britain. I like Daffyd but that's about it. Never been a fan of David Walliams though, I didn't like Rock Profile either. I'm much more into Peep Show which whilst filled with embarrassing humour (which I normally can't watch, don't like The Office for that reason) it's just so damn funny and misanthropic that I love it. For me though nothing in the past few years has come close to Father Ted or Spaced.
Oh. My. God! Just (well not just) saw Little Britain and let me just say without giving anything away, it is a very good one for any Tony Head fans!
I can't remember which ep it was but there was a narration by Baker that referred to the Prime Minister as 'you know, that bloke out of Buffy'
I'm looking forward to tonights season premiere of The Worst Week of my Life much more than LB.
Argghhh! I forgot about that! Hopefully it'll be repeated soon or I can find it of a torrent. Mainly because I'm madly in love with Sarah Alexander.

Connection to the Whedonverse? Well.... Sarah was in the fantastic Coupling which was remade in America starring that bloke from The Inside which also starred Adam Bladwin! Whew...
I'm a rabid Sebastian/Prime Minister shipper.
I love Anne. I just piss myself when she makes the crowing noise. Oh and the Fat Fighters, I love that!
"Dust anyone? No. Dust anyone? No.". A couple of us did that at a Shindig once on and off over a night and managed to annoy most of the Browncoats. Ahhh good times.

Simon - I watched League of Gentleman's movie, but not having watched the show made it kinda weird. Yes, I haven't seen the show! *shakes head* Terrible I know. But, in saying that; I did got to see Simon Pegg's naked bottom in it. Well worth the ticket price, I say. ;)

Bad Kitty - Oh dear. I mean I get the whole Tony is some Hot Love, but Sebastian? The character is, yea...I don't see that.
I adored Sebastian, he's the funniest one, probably because ASH is so wonderful in them.

Oh dear lord above, why didn't I have a video in to record that scene.
Oh. My. God.

Seen a side of ASH I never saw before! To put it obviously!
Wait till you see him get frenched by David Walliams :P
Oh, wow, that scene with ASH was just ... HOLY COW! The, er, leather!

I think League of Gentlemen is even funnier than Little Britain and goes way further over the cliff, but so far this season of LB is much bolder than the last two. I'm very much enjoying it.
Ok the fabric of the universe just fell apart....

Studded leather thong and nothing else. And don't forget the bottom shelf *arrggghhh my eyes*

And personally League of Gentlemen was better. Still have a soft spot for the Fast Show.
ok. were do i find leather?
Anyone know where there are screenshots? I'm another non-fan so didn't watch it, and now I'm gutted!
Wow, I have never seen this show, don't even get half of the posts in here and now I'm reading about ASH in leather.

*goes away and hides in a saner thread* :-p
Mehitabel, try here for screencaps. :-)
That... thing is strictly repressed from my memory. I saw bunnies. In the field. Frolicking.
Aargh. Thanks for the link, chickenbird. But, definitely aargh. With a side order of yeep.
Oh my..... er, oh. ASH, was erm, nope that didn't happen, I am going to live in denial now....
Finally got a chance last night to sit down and watch it. Not Bad at all :)

Zeitgeist, the episode in question is series 1, episode 6.
Thanks, chickenbird! And I'l second that yeep and the aargh, too....

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