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November 17 2005

Serenity released in Estonia. Well, now there's no turning back. Serenity will be released here in Estonia tomorrow, November 18th.

I know our small country cannot make any difference in the global box office scale. If a couple thousand people went to see it, that would already be a great result, considering Firefly has never aired here.

However, what with all the gloomy news about cancelled releases I thought it was worthy a mention. It shows what can happen when you have Firefly fans in the right places. Perhaps some devoted fans from other countries (Finland springs to mind) can also come and enjoy the movie on the big screen.

By the way, this link also links back to Whedonesque.

Ici les points...

Good show, Estonia!
Go Estonia! Showing up those bigger silly Euro nations, and most of Asia (though I still think big kudos for the Aussie population for kickin' some serious per capita butt in bums on seats!).
OT - but I thought it was interesting to point out that Serenity is the most popular movie page viewed at Box Office Mojo this month, and last month (and 4th for the whole year)
AFF - yeah, it's been that way for many months. It's us lot checking up on the movie.

I'm confused about how some international areas (such as Israel, which had a big fan base) have had canceled openings (they had even already dubbed the film), but others are staying. Much strangeness.
It's really disappointing that they seem to have really lost faith in the movie right after opening weekend. That was when they should have really kicked in the marketing, using all those juicy reviews we've gotten from well respected critics.

Instead ads just about drop off the face of the Earth, Serenity is pulled from several international releases, and we get the shoddiest DVD artwork ever to adorn a box. It's sad.
So tempted to go to Estonia too see the movie, it's just that it costs several times MORE to travel 250km within Finland than it costs to cross the sea to Estonia so.. I'm waiting for the R1 DVD-release and just order the DVD (with that crappy artwork that sells to masses) :(
I'm glad the fans in Estonia will get to see it on the big screen :)
Yes, but will it be..."big in Estonia"?

No matter, every shekel counts.

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