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November 17 2005

Australian Serenity DVD Release Details. The details of the Australia only special features have been released - woo hoo! Sydney Q and A!!

You beat me to it :) I can't wait to see the Q&A footage!
I know - eep! I wonder what they'll use from it...
Shiny! Now, how about the Edinburgh Film Festival Q&A on the UK disc? Hint hint...
Australia! Woo! Yeah, we're awesome. AWESOME.
Heh you all beat me here!
Heh heh. Yay cover art! Q&A! Me Happy!
AWESOME! We totally ROCK Nicoleh!

Oh my, do you think they will have the entire Q&A in it?

[ edited by nixygirl on 2005-11-18 06:00 ]
ha totally sweet!

Probably not nixy, only the good questions. But we can hope :D
I, of course, want to know if the gift giving will be included...'cos that would just be...odd (and kind of embarrassing - but also good. But, you know. Thingie).
nixygirl - if they have the whole of the Q&A then it will have *that* question in won't it? :-)))
I know this thingy you speak of ZB.
Ummm yup Cat, that question. Also, the dodgy singing. *grins*
Thing is all of the questions were interesting, because his responces were so great. I wouldn't mind the tamagotchi question going in, cause he was funny. Just I'm not looking to pretty that day!
Oh, it's exciting isn't it!!!!
The Sydney Q+A... Oh dear. My face on the Serenity DVD I suddenly don't know how to feel about that now. I was sick as a dog that night. Oh Well we'll see if they use my question.
I think it might be time to go region-free...or at least learn how to trick my North American PS2 into reading Region 4 DVDs. 'Cause damn would I like to see those extra extras.
There's just so many tasty extras and the cover is all things considered much prettier aswell. So now I'm wondering, where can I preorder?!
Features! Features! Features!
EzyDVD will do international pre orders.
Eep. I wonder if they will edit out my question since Joss seemed kinda mad when he answered it *sheepish look*. Ok, I hope Ezydvd still ships to Seattle! ;)
What did you ask again Mort? I hope they keep the snore guy in! Also I wonder if they'll keep the I'm a Christian why do you hate me, one.
And that's what I'd a call a cover. Hope there's no llmas in the backcover.
Since we share the same DVD region with the Aussies, hopefully we'll get the same cover over here in Brazil.

My friends will call me crazy, but I'm considering buying about 4 copies of Serenity for myself.
1. From this Dec. 20th release from the US.
2. The first release from Brazil, which hasn't been scheduled yet.
3. The double disk copy that'll be released sometime next year.
4. The UMD for the PSP, that I'm planning to get myself for Christmas.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2005-11-18 11:22 ]
And the cover still sucks.


I really truly detested the international posters; the U.S. version was so much better. *prepares to get badly hurt*

But, anyway, it does look somewhat better than the U.S. cover and less shocking since I've had months to deal with the fact that that art exists. And, hey, the features are great!

Think I'll be getting both R1 and R4 releases.
I disagree with the international posters being bad. I kinda like 'em. But what's more, they do a better job to promote Serenity. Yes, it may not be true to the feeling of the movie. But hey, it just looks cool.

I like this cover way, way more than the US cover. Yes, it could have been more inventive, but that's almost always true.

Also: more features + all the features of the R1 release. Yep, this is the version I now plan on getting, although I might also get the R1 release, because I'm a completist ;-). Now lets just wait and see what the R2 release is going to look like.
Extended scenes as well as deleted scenes? This better on the UK release as well. Otherwise I'll ....... pout probably.
It certainly stands out more than the US version at Blockbuster I suspect - put that in a sci-fi section and it's a little different to other stuff. That said, Mal should be front and centre yadadada. But.. I don't much care in all honesty - if it sells, I loves it.
Any idea on when the UK DVD will be on it's way (gossi? anyone?). The list of extras certified so far by the BBFC doesn't seem to include any Q&As. Not sure if it has anything which isn't on the R1 (assuming the Fruity Oaty Bar extra which is certified is the same as the R1 Easter Egg).

Can I go a teensy bit off topic & ask numfar if there are any secure websites you know of for Brazilian DVDs? I've been wanting to get hold of the Brazilian edition of City of God for some time.

Anyway, I'll definitely be getting this from EzyDVD. Whatever is eventually on the R2, it sounds as though it will be different (so I guess I'll be going completist on this one, too...).
But.. I don't much care in all honesty - if it sells, I loves it.

Yep, I'm definately with you on that. It's why I liked the international posters. They seemed to be more able to draw in crowds than the USA one.

If I can choose between a cover that pleases every browncoat out there, but which doesn't do much to cross-over into the general public, or a less appealing cover that sells, I'm definately with the second one. That's also why I hated the R1 cover: not just because it hurt my eyes (it did), but also because I believed it wouldn't sell.

This R4 cover, I think, will stand out more and sell better than the R1 version will.

As for R2: As far as I know the release date of the Benelux (Holland, Belgium and Luxembourgh) release has not been settled upon yet.
Extended scenes as well as deleted scenes? This better on the UK release as well. Otherwise I'll ....... pout probably.

Simon, I bet there might even be tears!
I like the covers too. I like what they've done with the blue in the sky. Of Course not everyone is gonna like that; but I think it's eye catching, in a much nicer way than the other cover art was.

I'm also kind of assuming that we are only going to be getting the single disc release. Altho you never know, Australia did better per head of capita (just) than any other country; or so UIP said.
I want to find out the details of the UK DVD, so I can then decide whether to wait for it or get the Aus version. I have already "unlocked" my DVD player so it can now play any region. Based on these extra features I will probably opt for the Aus version, provided I can get it for a reasonable price, unless it is out much later than the UK version.
But what's more, they do a better job to promote Serenity.

Yes, because what we want is people buying/renting it thinking they are going to see Mad Maxine Beyond Thunderdome, being sorely disappointed, and telling their friends not to watch it.

On the other hand, I like that they use the actual Serenity logo from the ship, and not the promotional version.
I hope we will see the same edition here in Spain (please God!).
Better cover, but the Serenity logo is a bit... strange (strange light effects)
Well this is an Off-Topic answer for Kiddo (if you need more information, please send me an email - check my profile). It might be useful for anyone who'd like to purchase anything from Brazil.

Here are three websites, that usually use:

1)CD Point.
It might be the more reliable one for international trasactions, since it's the website I used to purchase my Firefly box set, and several other products not available in Brazil. The even have a section about International Order written in English. I never had trouble with customs, like I had, if I imported a DVD through Amazon.

This is the website that some people have nicknamed the brazilian Amazon, very resourceful. Here's the page with some information on International Orders.

3)Livraria Cultura.
You could also try this one, they also ship products to other countries, but they don't have a english page about international shipping. There's some info on international shipping, over here. I've been buying most imported books in this store, I got my copies of krad's Serenity novelization and also Serenity: VIsual Companion at this store.
numfar - Many thanks. I'll check those out from home.

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