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November 17 2005

(SPOILER) Scott Kurtz: "'Serenity' really kicked me in the b***s." The "PvP" cartoonist offers a nice, belated summary of his feelings about "Serenity" in the news-blog section of his site: "Serenity wasn't movie #1. It was movie #3. We got Return of the Jedi first because I don't think Joss was certain that if he started with movie #1 he would ever get a chance to show us movie #3."

I don't understand that comment. At all.
Nice review, but this guy has NO idea about the insane brilliance of Joss Whedon. To think that there are nothing but back stories for these characters and that “Serenity” is the end of everything interesting that can be told about them, implies a lack of familiarity with the writings of Joss Whedon.
Peter Beagle said it best with a set of quotes from The Last Unicorn:

"The happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story."
"But what if there isn't a happy ending at all?"
"There are no happy endings...because nothing ever ends."

That said, I don't think Scott was implying that there's nothing more to tell about these characters...quite the opposite. I agree with him that this tale of the BDHs let's them finally ride off into the starset, battered and worn, but victorious. More than Return of the Jedi, I think it's Return of the King (if we want to compare epic movie series). The point of an 'ending' is that life goes on...and our heroes have weathered the storm.

There will always be more to tell about the crew of Serenity. All that's being said is the wheel has turned full cirle, and with it, there's a sense of closure.

But the Wheel never stops turning...especially for naughty people on the raggedy edge.

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Ah, such a nice little write-up.

And the possibility that perhaps ? While it goes against anything I'd thought of before, it is interesting; one I haven't heard parried about often.
It's certainly a nice review. But I don't agree with the assesment that because so many things change in this movie, it was thus designed to be the last chapter in the 'Verse. Because change and devellopment happen all the time in Joss' shows, the situation is always fluid. Rarely does Joss try to keep the status quo. Changing the dynamic of something can make it feel fresh and new.

Also: didn't Joss actually say this was a condensed version of what was supposed to happen in Firefly season 2? I think he didn't mean to have the show stop after two seasons.

Where I do agree is that, thematically, Serenity gives closure. It's a good end to the 'Verse, even if it wasn't necessarily designed to be. And, yes, that does make this movie great.
Joss had plenty of experience in making end of season episodes that would work as end of series episodes if they needed to be. I think that this is what Scott Kurtz is picking up on. And of course Joss has said that while TV shows ask questions, a movie answers them so for Scott, this movie worked perfectly. It answered his questions. I just hadn't thought of it this way before.
And the suggestion he raises which Unplugged Crazy invisioed is a fascinating one and seems very likely.
That review summed up my own feelings on the movie perfectly. A kick in the nethers indeed. And I also think it works wonderfully as a final chapter for these characters, though, just like all of Joss's work, it could still go on and have plenty more to tell.
It is hard to explain, but I feel that this review is as spot on as someone can get without actually knowing what is in JW's brain. Ohh, wouldn't we all flock to to see a movie called Being Joss Whedon? Like several of you have said before, Joss knows how to give us an ending within a beginning. I know I've read somewhere that we might see certain characters in future films, if there are any, *crosses fingers*. A lot of things in the 'verse are so subtle and implied, (which I love, makes me feel all smart and stuff) that he can go in any direction he likes next time out.
UnpluggedCrazy, regarding your invisitext, I have posited that very point, and that it was precisely why the Alliance was interested in River, et. al.
I'm just glad that Scott finally wrote something. He is the reason I discovered Firefly. In his comic archives you can find a 4-day series of panels he did starting on march 16 2004 regarding the show. When I first read those I became curious enough to seek out the pilot episode and was hooked forever afterwards. While I don't always agree with Scott, I lay full credit for my inital exposure to the show to him.

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