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November 18 2005

Serenity doesn't go into the abyss as Box Office Mojo haven't correctly updated Serenity's weekly theatre count.

Still showing four times daily in my hometown (Anchorage, AK). It's listed all the way through next week on Fandango.
Is in anchored down in Anchorage? Sorry. You all were thinking the same thing!
Proof indeed that Box Office Mojo have messed up. Hurray!
I wouldn't say BOM messed up, they're just not done yet. They only have theater counts listed for 39 movies this weekend, while they have 139 listed for last weekend. I think they just don't get complete numbers until later on in the week(end).

p.s. The closest one to me is in North Bergen, NJ.
Also, don't know how dollar theaters count into the mix, but Serenity is continuing to play at the dollar theater near me this weekend.
I see it listed at number 41 and still at 141 theaters, here:
so it hasn't disappeared yet. I still have hopes of making $39 million world wide in the box office (knock on wood).
I'm seeing it this weekend at one of our revue theatres. These are second run and they seem to have one print that goes from revue theatre to revue theatre. It is a little cheaper but not, alas, a dollar. I don't know where they figure in with the figures either.
jam2, So it is still playing in North Bergen? That is where my friend and his family had to go to see it. They got lost and missed the first 12 minutes or so. (Aaaaaaa!) I told my friend where he could see the first 9 minutes and eventually just played it for him. You know what? The film made a lot more sense that way. ;-)

Anyway, years ago when I was trying to see LotR before it completely left theaters, that one was the last theater to play it in the area. It stopped playing when LotR came out on DVD. They may do the same thing with Serenity.

We no longer have any dollar theaters in this area. (sniff)
More importantly it opens in a handful of theaters overseas next week including Italy and Germany.

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