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November 19 2005

Buffy gets Chosen. A lovely reminder and review of the newly released Buffy DVD Collection, about why we watch and keep watching it and why we will buy it. (reg req)

Thanks jam2. It must have moved to the registration side of the paper. I didn't have to reg when I posted.

Very nice...but wasn't Aly on the panel? And Michelle, too?
The panel from season 6 DVD? yes. Those 2, Joss, Marti, one of the crew guys, James, and Nick are all on the panel.
I got my very own collection this past week and while watching the extras, I couldn't help but become very sad when I thought about how the Buffyverse is slowly fading away from TV. Watching Joss, Jane, Drew and Marti talk about the show, you can see that they were as much fans of the show as we were. Unfortunately, I feel much like I would if a much beloved friend had passed away -- quite sad.
Right, James, too, eddy...duh! He is as animated as Spike is!

Funny, cousin and his wife just finished Season 7 (I bought them Season 1 in June and just let them go from there), and they feel the same there's a huge hole in their lives...astounding that this stuff can do this...but I reassured them that the re-watching is even more wife is watching Help from Season 7 right now (catching up with me)...just wonderful.
There's a registration at

Good review of the value of BtVS. Still, I really don't care for the writer's insinuation re "the only lead actors who deigned to show up." Can't we just enjoy the fact that Joss, Marti, Jane, Fury, Petrie, Drew Goddard, Nicky, Emma, Charisma, and Danny all got together and had a terrific conversation for our viewing pleasure (although Danny and Emma were relatively quiet)? For those with the spare cash, the collection was worth it for this extra alone - well, this plus the value of all seven seasons in one rather lovely box. A box that looks incomparably better "live" than it did in preview pics. I'm very happy with the collection.
I was in Best Buy today. I fondled the box. I already have some waiting for me at home, but I couldn't help it.

I am a sad, sad man.

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