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November 19 2005

The Five: Most accurate TV geeks. Willow comes in at #2 among the most accurate geeks on TV.

There is also a link in that article to a playboy interview with Alyson, done before season six started. I had never read it before. It made me blush. A lot.
The moment in The Puppet Show where Willow calculates the square root of 841 without thinking about the deeper meaning of the question, always reminds me that I didn't mind being used as a "walking calculator" in school. People could ask me a sum like this and in a sort of paralel process I calculated it and gave the answer almost before I consciously had understood the question. In the meanwhile I could just continu doing what I was doing. (OT: This is a great way to practice calculating by head).

This was the first time I saw a geek on TV, where I felt I could identify with the geekness of the character. (And as the story above attests to, in some respects I was pretty much a geek myself).
Yeah, the Playboy interview.... Wow, Alyson, I never knew.
I remember reading that Playboy interview before a little while back. Who would of thought that our little Aly would be so ... naughty! You always have to watch the quiet ones, hehe.
She's number three in the Slashdot poll. Not that it's a legitimate poll in any way, since they left out David Nabbit.

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