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November 20 2005

Jayne 'Canton' shirt benefits UK Browncoats. An eBay auction with only 7+ hours to go offers a compelling reason not to go topless...

(unless you're Jayne, in which case *drool*, but I digress). He looks better in red, but blue on orange might run a close second.

For Zoe lovers, there's a green shorter-sleeved version.

Wiseblood | Firefly&Serenity | 03:30 CET | 4 comments total | tags: , , , , ,

Off the main link's page, to clarify what the sales will benefit, in case anyone's wondering:

A chunk of all the profits raised goes towards the work of the U.K Browncoats and also supporting their chosen charity, Cancer Research.
But what is "a chunk"? and what percentage goes to charity?
Those shirts remind me of the cover of Queen's "Hot Space" album. :p
I'm not sure about the specifics, Lioness. I was curious about that myself, but at the wee hour I stumbled across this and thought to post it (the designs being some of the more unusual ones I've seen), I was too tired to go plowing through their website.

Maybe someone more familiar with the U.K. Browncoats could elaborate?

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