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November 21 2005

ITV4 picks up The Inside. A very small mention of ITV4 (a UK TV channel) acquring the rights to the existing episodes of Tim Minear's excellent The Inside. I believe this includes the unaired episodes.

Thanks to Paul_Rocks for the heads up.

Bones, starring David Boreanaz, will premiere on Sky One on Thursday, January 12

David's back in his old time slot? Good stuff.

Meanwhile, ITV4 has picked up 24-a-like The Inside

24 in the sense that it's nothing really like 24.
Any wagers on how long it will take for these episodes to hit the internet after they air?
Aren't they already on the internet?
20th Century Fox's selling point for the series is the 24 angle - it also had Howard Gordon of 24 working as Exec Producer (and David Fury, who now works on 24).

Plenty of stuff for me to Sky+ here.

Edit: Simon, nope. They've not been leaked yet. Word is 20th Century Fox don't want to release the DVD, apparently, so they are going to miss the boat in terms of unaired episodes due to the Internet I think.

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Twits. If they don't want to release the DVD, they might as well sell the episodes via iTunes then.
What can I say except a big Yayyyy!!!
(grumblegrumble) I really wanted to see the rest of the eps. I would've bought the DVD set.
I'll certainly record the episodes and transfer them to DVD for anybody. If somebody buys me a DVD Recorder, that is ;)
I'd've bought the dvd too. And I only ever managed to see one episode of The Inside.
Fox Latin AMerica started showing it last week, and they'll definetely show all episodes, even the unaired ones, just like they did with Firefly and Wonderfalls.

Their promotional strategy, is very focused on dark cases, and Rebecca's profiling abilities.

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Great news!
But I want the DVD set! Come on FOX!
Yes! *hopes for the unaired episodes*
I'm hoping for a Canadian station to maybe pick it up to air in full, since DVDs don't look to be likely in the near future. If The Inside had had even the barest hint of fantasy or sci-fi in it, the SPACE channel would've been all over it.
At the screenwriting expo Minear said he was trying to get The Inside released in a double set with Strange Worlds but that Fox were more interested in him writing an episode of Bones or something. He sounded like he was going to keep trying though.
Good news about The Inside - I'd heard the Bones news before.
Well I'm happy though ITV4 is hardly the best channel in the world!
I would expect FOX will no doubt release The Inside on DVD, now that Rachel Nichols is on Alias and tipped to take over for Jennifer Garner next year. Also if FOX can release Point Pleasant on DVD then they can release just about anything and everything.

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