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November 21 2005

(SPOILER) Pics of Alyson and Charisma in next week's 'Veronica Mars'. Would it have killed UPN to actually have a pic of them together?

Wow, Charisma looks stunning. I'm going to get Veronica Mars season one on DVD for Christmas so I can see what all the fuss is about.
Everytime I look at Aly or Charisma, I just get blown away. They are two very, very beautiful, very freakishly talented women.

And now they're going to be going head to head again! Squeee!
I f'ing love VM. This episode is going to kick some butt!
I always loved that Willow and Cordy catching up scene from "Orpheus".
Really enjoying Charisma's work in VM and HIMYM really grew on me, I even started enjoying it more than Kitchen Confidential (for KC's defense, we haven't seen much from the show lately).
I'm just imagining how much squealing and jumping must have happened on set when the two girls saw eachother. Oh, and they both look amazing.
Is it just me or do these two women never age? They both look EXACTLY the same as when they were on Buffy together! Amazing! Well, whatever they are doing, they need to keep on doin' it! :-)
LadySings1, it really isn't you. They DON'T age. It's seriously amazing. My fandom is ageless. :-P
Blah. Here in Charlotte this week, they're showing Veronica Mars at like 11 pm at night because of basketball. It sucks.
Ooh I like Aly's new hairstyle... much better than season 1 VM.
Alyson really does look just as young now as she did ages ago on Buffy. In fact I think that she just gets cuter. Now Charisma on the other hand, methinks she's had some work. She looked pretty haggard back in the Buffy and early Angel days, lots of lines around her mouth and forehead. Ah, the wonders of plastic surgery...and good lighting!
In CC's case, I think she just really improved her make-up technique.
I. Can't. Wait. I've been loving CC as Kendall- her scene with JD last week was flat-out hilarious. I can't wait to see what's up with Trina's story. *sigh* I LOVE VM. Bless Joss for recommending it so highly.
Have to say, Inara'sSB, I disagree about CC. I just watched her participate in the "Conversation with Writers and Cast" extra on the Chosen Collection, and I didn't detect any artificial alterations, just lovely natural ageing. As usual, I'm willing to be proved wrong, although I do hope I'm not in this case.
Have to agree with Inara'sSB that Charisma did have a lot of lines in her face in the early seasons of Angel but she was also very tan and it was a drastic difference from how she had just looked the previous season on Buffy. I thought it could have been because she was so tanned and that tends to bring wrinkles out more but then she kind of, to me, had a "deer in the headlights" look to her the next season and the lines were gone which made me think she had Botox. But now she looks like she has normal facial expressions and looks fantastic so whether it was caused by over tanning or natural wrinkles whatever she's doing is working and she looks like herself so who cares!! I don't mind celebrities having "work" done as long as it doesn't change how they look. But she looks so good I don't think she could have possibly had anything drastic done because they always get that weird look to them when they do that.
Alyson looks AMAZING!
"Yep, Deer in the headlights" was precisely how I would have described her then. But I'm either used to it or the effect is more subtle now or she is aging well. Doesn't matter to me. She does look good.

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I'm so shadow, I still find myself thinking about that that Rob promised us. I'm so terrible.
Madhatter, you're so "shadow"?

Heee! I love it when you type tired! ;)
The whole freakin' cast is beautiful. I'll unfortunatley be on the road when it's aired, grumble, grumble. Will get to see it on Saturday when I get back in town. squeee.

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