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November 21 2005

Extra goodies added to Buffyverse charity auction. There's some pics and artwork signed by the likes of David Boreanaz and Alexis Denisof etc . However there is a very unusual item up for grabs. A pic given to Andy Hallett by Sixties icon Nancy Sinatra and autographed from her to Lorne.

Want to know more about the charities? Then go to

That Nancy Sinatra pic is one of the most unique Angel items I've seen in a long time.

You're right, Simon, that IS the most unique item I've seen in a while! You should bid on it.

The caricatures would be great... if they actually looked like the stars. They just look like generic, almost MAD magazine art.
Awww... I love Thom's caricatures. Trivia: Thom does Andy Hallett's website.
Threw in my bid on a couple of items (Alexis caricature and Nancy's photo) that tickled me. It's for charity, after all . . .
It is a very cool photo and frame.
I like the CK T-shirt. That's waaaaay cool!
Glad you like it soapbucket - I designed it. There are only 3 in exsistance, the one for auction, the one Christian has been given, and mine. The auction is the only one signed. :)

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