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November 21 2005

The Flanvention asks the question, who is really prettier? Fanty or Mingo, do you agree with Mal. Find out for yourself as the twins Rafael and Yan Feldman, joins the flans lineup. Along with some other verse favorites.

The current guest list for the event;
Nathan Fillion
Alan Tudyk
Morena Baccarin
Adam Baldwin
Jewel Staite
Sean Maher
Summer Glau
Ron Glass
Yan Feldman
Rafael Feldman
Jonathan Woodward
Dennis Christopher
Camden Toy
Jason Carter
Keith R.A. DeCandido
Brett Matthews
James Leary as the MC

The Flan just added the "Whose Prettier?" limited photo op with Raf and Yan.

You know, I never realized how many guests we have until I saw that list!

Bit hard to tell if you ask me, but I have a faint memory of siding against Mal on this one.
Or you can check out this photo.
Wow, they look a lot less alike in that shot! And one is definately prettier than the other. RavenU, who is who?
I want to gooooo! *sobs*
In my photo Raf (Fanty) is on the left and Yan (Mingo) is on the right.
Fanty's prettier.
I agree with Lioness. Fanty is more handsomer than Mingo. :)

Cool lineup!!! Is it December yet?

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