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November 21 2005

Nathan Fillion signed to star in romantic comedy, "Waitress". Nathan Fillion, Cheryl Hines and Jeremy Sisto have signed to star alongside Keri Russell in romantic comedy "Waitress," for Michael Roiff's Night & Day Pictures and helmer Adrienne Shelly.

Story centers on a pregnant waitress who develops an unlikely relationship.

Oooo. Nathan in a romantic comedy.
Hot damn, Nate in a romantic comedy!
ditto everyonelse-- Fillion in a romcom, yay! Tho to be honest, most modern romcoms are literally painful to sit through, but now I'm wondering if he's going to be the "wrong" guy or the "right" one.
No idea who Cheryl Hines is, but Jeremy Sisto, Keri Russell, and Nathan Fillion all in one film? I'm there!--at the video store to rent it at least. Unless I hear/read overwhelmingly positive things about it or someone I know really wants to go, I don't think I'll be suggesting a romantic comedy as my #1 choice whichever week this is released. Depends though, could be a slow week for new movies.
Cheryl Hines plays Larry David's wife in Curb your enthusiasm. I knew that name looked familiar. I have a lot of respect for all of these actors so this is a movie I'll go see, especially for more of the ever charismatic and sexy Nathan Fillion.
Cheryl Hines has been playing (brilliantly) Larry David's wife on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" -- the lady definitely has comedy chops to spare and she's hot too boot. Strangely enough, I haven't seen Keri Russell or Jeremy Sisto all that much, but this really does seem like a very strong cast. It also won't hurt this film's chances that Keri Russell will be the female lead in Mission Impossible: III.

Here's hoping that the script/direction are just as strong as the cast. Remember, megaultrasuperstardom for Nathan is Plan C (or is that D?) for the Serenity sequel....Just hope he doesn't get a big head and forget that we were all here for him in his Shakespearian-in-magnitude battle against disrespectful comic book stores.
Heh, well, some of us were...but for the sake of leaving the dead all dead and un-resurrected (am I in the wrong thread all of a sudden?), I'll stay on-topic. Congratulations to Mr. Fillion on his continuing success and may his star continue to rise. I'm so there for Slither and I'll certainly keep my eyes and ears open on this too - though I generally despise romantic comedies (so Kris, I'll see you at the video store!).
The final scene in Serenity between Mal and Inara, particularly the framing of Nathan's closeups (for some reason) always makes me think that he'd just be perfect in a romantic comedy - that is intended as a compliment, by the way, even though I said above that I don't like the genre. I just really think that Nathan is very versatile and look forward to seeing him in many varied, interesting and (hopefully) challenging roles.

(Edited to correct the *teensiest* of spelling mistakes - I'll proofread better in future, I promise!)

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*Ahem*...uh, yes. Good for Mr. Fillion and of course I wish him continued and mega success. I'm sure he'll be wonderful and oh yeah great in this...



((Such a hottie... I'll go see Mal in anything, but a romcom? PERFECT!))
My first thought was "Jeremy Sisto, Keri Russell and now Nathan Fillion in a movie? Whoah!" I'll definitely be there, RomCom or not. It's like, "Joss Whedon directing a film?! I'll be there!" except on a MUCH lower level. Anyway, it seems like quality will be guaranteed. ;)
I'm sure Nathan will do "rom-com" very well indeed. I hope this does well for him. This, and Slither.
Yay! Nathan in something I can actually watch! Sorry, but "Slither" is way beyond my tolerance level for gore. Might get the "Slither" dvd for the horror-lovin' hubby, but I'd love to see Mr. Fillion be all charming and funny, and potentially nekkid. Hell, even if he's playing the jerk who knocks up the "Waitress" and abandons her, I'd want to see this.
You could always go rent "Blast from the Past" - first thing I saw Nathan in (small part but he does have lines). Its sort of a rom-com and its hysterically silly as well.
Or alternatively avoid that episode of 'The Outer Limits' he was in, it's so badly written. And tries to rip off Casablanca as well.
It's interesting to see Nathan in a different role :p
First thing I saw Nathan in was the soap opera "One Life to Live" where he played Joey Buchanan. Then I saw him in "Two Guys and a Girl" and then "Blast from the Past". Loved him in all of them!! My sister, every time she sees him in something else yells, "Hey, it's Joey Buchanan!!"
Me too, FF. I still have a couple of tapes with OLTL episodes on them with a very young looking Nathan as Joey Buchanan. It's one of the reasons I started watching "Firefly", because I'd liked him there - and I liked Jewel in "Higher Ground". So I have no problem seeing him in a romantic comedy role and will gladly go see it in the theatres, even if I have to go by myself ;) - not a problem for me. I'm even willing to go see "Slither", although I'm not really a fan of horror movies.

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