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November 21 2005

Firefly Costume Auction. Firefly's costume designer, Shawna Trpcic, is going to auction off her private collection of Firefly costumes. You can bid on Mal's browncoat, Inara's ballgown, and many more. Check it out.

Apologies if this has been posted before - just delete it if it has.

If someone buys me Mal's browncoat I'll be their very best friend. Promise.
I don't believe this has been posted before . . . and, although we don't usually encourage posts about auctions (unless of a particularly interesting charitable nature), Ms. Trpcic's designs are well worth a link. Lovely stuff.

*coughthinks about bidding on Inara's dress from Trash, a relative steal at a starting price of $700cough*
Holy crap!

Inara's dress? Mal's Frickin' COAT??

Wow, guys...I'm bidding. This is just too... too!
Now what would SNT be doing with Inara's costume? ;)

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This dress was worn by one of the whores in the episode Heart of Gold. Shawna is fairly certain it was worn by the actress who sings Amazing Grace at the end of the episode, although the scene with this dress appears to have been cut."

That would be our favorite Buffyverse Aussie singer Angie Hart.
No. Way. FRENTE?

Oh, man... this just keeps getting better!
No. Way. FRENTE?

Yes. Way. Frente and Splendid to be more accurate.
I have never had any luck with the Fox Auction people - what I buy is never what I end up receiving. I have considerably more faith in Ms. Trpcic. That said, I would have to spend my children's education nest egg to buy any of these things.
If I had children.
I would love THE Browncoat but sadly I'm sure hundreds of other people feel the same way and most of them have more money than me.

EDIT: typo

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Who cares about bidding! (Well, if I had any spare money I would, but since i don't, well, that's that.)

LOOK AT THE PICTURES!!! So many costumes, photographed in detail we rarely get. Inara's costumes are AMAZING.

Oh, I am just drooling over these pictures. Beautiful work. Sigh.
Had they not washed them, I might consider it...
lol, worringly I had a conversation about that with one of my friends when I sent him the link. I reckon they should at least give you the option - Wash or not :)
And how cool is it she slashed her own wedding dress for Inara's dress! *drools* I want Shawna to make MY wedding dress.. when that day comes.
Now what would SNT be doing with Inara's costume? ;)

I don't think it wise to open the thread to comments on that (he said while, in effect, implying a comment on that) ;) On another note, some sweet stuff up for grabs.
Anybody have any idea what size Morena is? I'm a jeans and t-shirt gal, but those would be dresses worth wearing!
This makes me a little sad. I'm sure Trpcic is the rightful owner of this stuff, or she wouldn't be selling it. But...

I feel like there's only one person that should have the Browncoat. Trpcic jokes about it, but Nathan truly deserves to have it. I dunno, maybe he has one of the stunt coats already, or maybe he has the one from Serenity...

Just based on what the cast has said about the leadership role he's taken with them in real life, it only seems right to me that he have The Coat.
I remember in the comentary for shindig they said the corset part of Inara's dress was accidentally sewn in upside down - hence the top buttons/hooks could not do up - you can see this in one of the detail photos on this site.
Redfern, Morena's dresses are all 4-6. But Shawna leaves any extra fabric in the dress (pinning up the hemline instead of chopping it off, etc) so most of them could be altered to different sizes if necessary.

Annosuperstar, you know Shawna *is* between projects right now. Which means she's probably available for freelance work. :)

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These are so cool. I really wish I had money to bid for such things. At the Serenity convention here in Belfast, they were auctioning off an official replica of Mal's gun from Serenity, and it went for a considerable amount. I thought it was incredibly cool, but I have about 15 to my name, which wouldn't have been nearly enough.
Ray: I'm between loves right now, unfortunatley ;)
Thanks Ray, they might fit (as long as I wear a really padded bra)
Don't have the $ anyway - just dreaming out loud
Any idea if Nathan would like to have the coat? One of the Canadian Browncoats suggested we all buy the coat and give it to him.
Nathan should totally have The Coat. And I should have that green dress. If I were a size 6 and had $$... we'd all be eating steak.
Found out from Shawna Trpcic that Nathan does not have one of the coats from the TV show. I'm looking into the coats from the movie now.

There is a thread about buying the coat for Nathan at the Universal board: here.
It's still too early to tell if this will get enough momentum.
Thanks jam2. I think that it is more likely to happen over there than our our Cdn. Browncoats group, although it would be a cool gesture - him being Canadian 'n all.
If we get the ball rolling (It's starting to gather steam! (Am I mixing metaphors?)), we'll be glad to work together with the Canadian Browncoats. The more people we get involved, the more likely it is to succeed.
(new metaphor)
We have ignition! The plan is shaping up. We know Nathan doesn't have a Browncoat, and we have good alternatives for the money if we don't win the auction (see the 'versal thread for more).

Once we have liftoff (a web page dedicated to this), I'm sure someone will post the link on Whedonesque.

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