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November 22 2005

Exclusive coat-wearing "Fool For Love" Spike figure from Diamond web store if you spend $70+ online.

Wow, love the expression on this figure's face!

Very "Spike 'n' Dru" era.
What's with the left hand? It looks like his pointer finger is on backwards, or they painted a fingernail on his knuckle or something. Is it just me, or do other people see it too?
Hehe, no it's not just you newcj. I'm guessing that's just a mistake on that specific doll and not a productwide issue ('cause otherwise someone hasn't really looked at Spike's hand recently ;) )
Maybe the tip of his finger is covered by his thumb and what we're seeing is a ring of some sort.
I'm looking at mine right now, and it's a ring.
Ah, that makes more sense :)
Okay, that's just funny -- I'm in the midst of writing a Buffy novel called Blackout, which focuses on Nikki Wood, and also features Spike. (The book will be out in July 2006, if you're interested.)

I gotta get this figure........

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