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November 23 2005

Trailer for Charisma Carpenter's new movie 'Voodoo Moon'. It's a horror flick set in a small midwestern town (Windows Media Player required for viewing).

Wow, I had no idea what to expect - but this film actually looks halfway interesting - though the trailer wasn't amazingly well done, it looks like it has potential.
That looks like a student film... from a D- student.
Hmmm... and Jeffrey Combs is in it, too. /sigh
Combs is the man.

"You killed him!"

"No I did not. I gave him life."
The trailer score kind of makes the whole thing seem a bit cheesy and generic. I'm hoping it will either be a jokey horror in the vein of Nathan Fillion's Slither, or perhaps a decent horror film, although I'm a little less interested in this.

Slither looks like it might succeed because it isn't taking itself too seriously. There are only two types of successful horror films, those that take themselves seriously and make a good scary film, like The Grudge, or something like Tremors that is done with an air of fun. If a film tries to be serious and fails due to bad acting or stupid effects, then it tends to be very dull, and that's the impression I'm getting from this trailer.

But I hope I'm wrong, because Charisma deserves a lot of success.
Just for clarification, this is made by IDT for the Sci-Fi channel for a budget of $1m. The effects are by Almost Human, who did the Buffy effects. I wouldn't compare this to Slither, which is a fairly major Universal release for next year (Nathan did good landing that role, bitch bitch bitch).
I don't know...I'm a fan of lower-budget horror films (Dead End, Deathwatch), and I thought it looked somewhat interesting. And I'll always give CC a chance.
It reminded me of Children of Corn. The story that is, I've never seen the movie.
Will miss this one. At least we get to watch Charisma on Veronica Mars!
Speaking of horror, see for a thread on Showtime's "Masters of Horror".
If I don't mistake CC is a seer in this film too. I kind seeing a theme for her now...
Mrs Gossi (the love thread returns!) asks where CC's eyebrows have gone...
*MRS* gossi?!?!?! huh?
Would it be too much to ask that Mutant Enemy alums appear in good films?

I enjoyed The Grudge and find Southland Tales somewhat promising...but I feel sorry for Nathan and Charisma. Both of their movies look horrible...and I didn't even get to see the trailer for Nick's and I'm already getting bad vibes...

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