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"Let's go to work."
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November 23 2005

Tony Todd joins the cast of Shadow Puppets. The movie starring James Marsters now has a former verse guest star to its credit, Vyasa.

I think this is great addition and I hope to see many scenes between Tony and James when this film comes out.

Looks like Tony is hooking (no pun intended) up with former verse members all over the place. He is also co-starring in Hatchett the Mercedes McNab horror flick due out in 2006.

James' site has also been updated:

Hey everybody –
I just wanted to wish all my American fans a very happy Thanksgiving. I know that I have lots to be thankful for and hope you all do too. As we head into the end of the year I want to wish everyone a rockin’ holiday season. I know that I’m going to catch up on lots of missed sleep and spend time with the kids and get ready to kick ass again in 2006. Steve’s looking ahead at possible convention and concert dates and will keep everyone posted, but for now it’s really busy on the acting front. Filming “Shadow Puppets” went really well. I have a good feeling about it. Everyone was great to work with. I wrecked my neck on the last day of filming, but that comes with the territory. Be well.
This is funny. James (and Steve) kept saying this year that this was James' last Hurrah for conventions and concert dates for a while. Perhaps the trucksload of money he got from the Toronto appearance changed his mind.
I'm happy he is getting a lot of work though and I hope he gets something soon that stretches him. Braniac is fun but he could do it in his sleep.
Well, how do you classify "a while" anyway? Hasn't said these things are definite or when they would be either.

Bless him, he sounds happy and relaxed, upbeat about the movie and positive about the people he worked with.

But boy is he accident-prone. Poor bloke, he's always damaging something.

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