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November 24 2005

"Obviously, there is a huge demand for Joss Whedon comics". Mark Oliver over at The Pulse comments on the success story that was the Serenity comic book mini-series.

If you don't feel like scrolling through the sales figures, here's the relevant info.

SERENITY (Dark Horse)
07/2005: Serenity #1 (of 3) -- 38,502 -- [91,594]
08/2005: Serenity #2 (of 3) -- 47,095 (+22.3%) -- [57,290]
09/2005: Serenity #3 (of 3) -- 52,312 (+11.1%) -- [57,189]

All three issues of SERENITY kept picking up massive re-orders in October. Issue #1 made the chart again at No. 198, selling an additional 5,997 copies. Issue #2 came in at No. 166 with 10,195 copies. Issue #3, finally, sold an additional 4,877 copies and landed at No. 210.

Obviously, there is a huge demand for Joss Whedon comics. Looking at these numbers, it's not surprising that more Whedon material is in the works at Dark Horse.

Ah, it's always good to hear that the Jossverse is still alive and doing well.

Can't wait for Joss' upcoming comics (from both Dark Horse and Marvel)!
I wasnt actually a big comic book fan.

And then I read Fray

More Joss comics needed
I have to say, as a comics reader, Whedon's comics are not nearly up to the quality of his television work. While his tv work often subverts genres, Astonishing X-Men is pretty much a regularly ol superhero comic with a few more witty lines, he doesn't spend time on the characters or the emotion that really makes his work special.

And the Serenity comics, I'm convinced that the only reason that sold so well is that fans were just desperate for more Firefly so they bought it and read it uncritically. The art is a sad attempt at realism that ends up looking silly and the story felt tossed off.

Here's hoping the planned Buffy comic will be better done.
I disagree - I thought the Serenity comics were very well done. The final issue was a little below par, but overall, great.
Apocalypse, Fray did it to me too. I'll be purchasing anything with Joss' name on it. 'Cause I'll like it.

ETA: Sorry, dbadman, I disagree completely. They were very well done.

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I actually think that the Joss magic was in the first arc and beyond of AXM, but not as much as time went on, especially the mid-late issues of 'Danger'. I also think that issue 3 of Serenity was a bit 'meh', but I'd love to see more.
I own all of the comics Joss has written, and I will continue to buy anything else he writes, because no matter what the topic (Fray, slayers, vampires, X-men, or Serenity) they are always full of action, humor, and subtle comments on life.
I'd buy Joss' shopping list.
For anyone who doesn't follow comics, most series might get reorders in the hundreds. For the first issue of Serenity to sell just under 3 times it's inital order is just incredible. Even if I imagine that many of those reorders were for the second printing, which I think is included.

Also initally Serenity #1 was listed as the #49 comic on the top 300 when it came out. Including these re-orders would have placed Serenity at #9 on the top 300! Maybe #11 if the other comics got some reorders (however, doesn't Marvel have a policy against reorders or have they changed that stance since then?). That's quite incredible that it was able to sell that many copies.

I think a lot of it was Browncoats who don't normally buy comic books picking those issues up on top of the regular comic book fans who liked Whedon's work. Plus the 3 cover valliant must have been quite a boost, especially with such incredible eye-catching covers.
Unholy crap! 91,594? For comics in this decade, those are huge numbers.

Matt_Fabb--Marvel does indeed have such a policy. They print only a very small amount more than is initially ordered, but if there is a big enough demand, they will put out a second print, usually with a new cover.
I've read Fray, Tales of the Slayers, and Tales of the Vampires, and enjoyed them all, although TotV less so, I just felt like it was fan fiction or something. I think continuing the Buffyverse in graphic novel form is a good substitute for TV or movies, but really if I had the choice I'd rather see live action. But I do have an appreciation for graphic novels and I do think it's a different type of storytelling and I can understand why it would appeal to Joss and challenge him.

But I am looking forward to any continuation of the Buffyverse.

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