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November 25 2005

Swedish Serenity review (possibly written by a Reaver and/or The Operative?). Serenity opens in Sweden today - one theater only in Stockholm. The reviews are mostly 3 by 5's, a couple 4/5 and one slaughter, linked here.

I was upset for two hours after reading it, I just had to share this; (translation by me, so bear with the crappy language)


More like "Stupidity". Full warp speed into the meaninglessness when the rebellion crew of the spaceship Serenity gets a telepathic and a whole lot more overnatural talented girl (Summer Glau), who is chased by the sunsystem's dictatorship The Alliance.

Joss Whedon, mostly known as the man behind the tv show "Buffy and the vampires", has packed everything he's seen everyone else bring on a space trip, but forgot to bring his own idea. In the movie, inspired by Whedon's early cancelled tv show "Firefly", he swoosh starstucked between asteroids and hostile spaceships, not bothered that this way actually have been used several times since "Star Wars" 1977. And no matter how far he goe, it feels, when you see clothes and scenery, like you're trapped on the planet Uglyandcheap.

Every now and then, everything stops for the captain (Nathan Fillion) to hold a bombastic speech - surprisingly enough with one or another funny line. But if he's fighting for a future where everyone should have the freedom to speak and act like the walking clichés on Serenity, you have no other option but to give your support to The Alliance.

..can we set Summer Glau loose on this dude's ass?

Heh, that review is so negative it's almost funny :-). Seriously though, try not to fret over a few negative reviews. It takes too much energy, and overall Serenity is getting great reviews in almost every country where it's released. So those few negative ones? Just shrug and go your merry way (although, I agree, it is hard to do sometimes).
Yeah, I know, I'm calmer now ;)
Serenity has opened in Germany today, also - the last big international opening for the movie. Early signs look promising.
It opened yesterday here in GER, gossi! ;-)
Couldn't go and see it on the first night, unfortunately, but tonight I'll finally find out what you've been talking about for the last couple months! Can't wait - I'm so excited!!! And it'll be the OV, so no stupid dubbing!!! ~calming down a bit~

ETA: It's in all theatres around me, I can't wait to see the numbers how it is doing (with very very little promotion). The reviews I saw were all positive, but quite short, since there's a hyped German movie coming out this week with Diane Kruger.

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Oh, for the record: Serenity has gotten a second week here in the Netherlands (early signs were it would not manage to do even that). With only 12 screens, it's not making a killing, but as far as screen avarages go it's third overall for the first week. Not huge, not dismal. This week it'll have competition from Harry Potter though, so I'm not overly optimistic for a third week. But at least I'll be able to sqeeze in a fifth viewing sometime this week.
to makes things clear;
Serenity is on 1 screen in Stockholm, but it'll also be shown in 4 other cities. As pointed out to me, it sounds like it's only aired in Stockholm, but it's not.
Yikes. One screen in stockholm and then four more cities. Are they also showing Serenity on only one screen? Because if so, you've just beaten The Netherlands' low-record of 12 screens (which may have already been beaten somewhere else, I'm not sure).
One theater, one screen, 70 seats, three times a night.

But that does not make the BDM any less brilliant.
I saw it at a prescreening a few weeks ago, I will see it tonight and on Monday. Then I'll wait for the DVD.

So in my own little bubble of a life, I am happy.

( Skipping off, singing: "I'm off to see the movie, the wonderful movie by Joss!" )
Serenity has opened in Germany today, also - the last big international opening for the movie. Early signs look promising.

Don't forget about Italy!
Anybody know how much Italy normally contributes to a film gross? I'm clueless on these things.
As a very rough rule of thumb, you might expect Italy to contribute something in the region of 5% the total 'overseas' gross. In the case of 'Serenity' I guess this would equate to anything between $600,000 and $1 million.
"buffy and the vampires" Glad to see he did research.
"buffy and the vampires" Glad to see he did research.

Without particularly wishing to defend the critic, whose review is certainly rather too blunt and mean spirited, I believe "Buffy och vampyrerna" is the title in Sweden, which is how he refers to it in his review.
I guess we can write him and let him know WHAT we think of his review?
Seriously, Sweden has generaly allways had a problem with SF & fantasy. The whole realist movement in the late 60's and 70's has affected the culture seriously. Look at the childrens television of the 70's. A speaker voice over black & white still photography telling the starteling tale of "Karl starts at a new daycare"!!! Not exactly "Battle of the Planets".

I am acctually surprised Buffy & Angel made it to Swedish TV.

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Please don't publish people's addresses or e-mail addresses. I've recently had to remove some other posts from the site that included addresses, people tend not to take too kindly to having their contact information published without their knowledge.
Besides, lets not go into the whole 'browncoats e-mailing reviewers' thing again, even if people do find his contact information through another source. It's been done, and it hasn't done Serenity or the way our fanbase is seen any good. The only upside might be a small frustration relief after reading something with which none of us actually agree (or so I assume), and that's not really worth the effort, right? But that might just be me :-)
Actually, his email address is published in the bottom of the article for all to see and mail to. You just gotta click on his name and it'll appear. I mean, it's there for a reason, so that people who want to can mail the guy and complain/praise him/ask for a date or whatever.

And all in all I'm not to worried about that review. It did get a 4 star rating in Swedens biggest film reviewing show after all.

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I don't care if it is listed elsewhere. I don't want to see it listed here, ok?

Plus, what GVH said. Fans ganging up on reviewers doesn't usually lead to hugs and puppies.
How about kittens? Or gerbils? I'd even settle for a rather smallish hamster.

Must say, though, silly review from a person with no imagination. Makes it hard to follow Mr. Whedon when you lack the intelligence to appreciate, and dare I say, "get", the dialogue.

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I saw Serenity on opening night in Aachen, Germany, the Thursday 23 o'clock showing. Attedance: 26 people, split into 6 Brownciats, 18 normal people and 2 strange beings, who left after 13 minutes (After Simon innoculates Mal). I don't get that. They paid good money and didn't give the film a chance. male, around 25, and LEFT! Isn't that supposed to be the demographic UIP tried to address in the promotion? Seemingly it's not the demographic that enjoys the movie.
Dude, spoiler tags.
Saw the film at the preview in Stockholm and again last night and yes as I suspected I enjoyed the film more than the series, apart from some strange translating choices for the Swedish subtitles it's a good movie, one of the reasons this film is going to do very well on DVD is that it feels so densely packed that you really want the capability to stop at certain scenes to go back and rewatch.

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