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November 27 2005

Cinematical Seven: Screen Deaths. Amilyn's long, long, very long death scene in the Buffy movie features in this memorable film deaths list.

It just goes on forever, one of the few entertaining moments in the movie.

Really? I thought it was one of the most grating parts of the movie. I really do despise that film.

And props to the writer for including The Third Man. Best. Noir. Ever.
I loved that death scene - and see the film as a diamond in the rough. I liked it when it first came out. I also understand that the writer often falls victim to the wise-and-all-knowing director - whose judgement is never wrong.
I don't particularly love the Buffy film, certainly nowhere near as much as the show, but it's not as bad as it sounds. Kind of funny, entertaining at least. Painfully badly acted and super camp at times, but entertaining. I'd love to know how it would have turned out had Joss had complete creative control. I think the movie would have set up the series seemlessly had that been the case.
It's not a good movie, but Paul Reubens is hysterical in that scene.
Yep. It was the only scene I actually remembered from the original Buffy movie when the show started. I like the less slapstick-like humor of Buffy as a series better, but this certainly is a memorabel movie death. I don't much care for the Buffy movie, but this scene still makes me giggle.
I liked it. Not as much as the series, but I liked it. I could feel bits of funny coming through, like the "Oh yeah? CLAP!" line. Sutherland felt oddly wrong in the film, like he had been lifted from a different movie and just sort of stuck in there.
I'd love to know how it would have turned out had Joss had complete creative control.

I believe there is a TV series called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" that this Josh Whedon had complete creative control over. It might be a close approximation of what you are looking for.
Ocular -- that may be because, as Joss has complained of frequently, apparently the Donald rewrote all of his own dialogue in ways that Joss felt made absolutely no sense, which he seriously resented/resents.
I'm pretty sure Joss called Donald a wanker in an interview.

To be fair, the director was just trying to realise the script in their own vision. However, the over the edge humour/campness was probably not the right vision.

I think it's fair to say if Joss wrote a Buffy movie nowadays, it'd be a far far more interesting script. Partly from knowing the actors, partly from knowing the business more.
Is the original script, as Joss wrote it, around anywhere?
Is the original script, as Joss wrote it, around anywhere?

Have a look here.

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