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November 27 2005

Pics of Summer Glau promoting Serenity. And here's some of Jewel Staite, Adam Baldwin, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher and Nathan Fillion as well (all via UIP Germany).

Wow, she really is gorgeous. And hey, look, her eyes are BROWN!! And really pretty. And not... some other color. *cough*DVD cover*cough*

Anyway, this definitely solidifies the shift for me to being a Summer fan. Sorry, Kaylee. I have a new woman. ;)

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Very nice pictures of some very pretty people.
I love Summer's eyes. It kills me that they transformed her to another being on the cover. Oh well.

BTW, does any one else adore Adam's browncoat that he wears everywhere?
Wow. I never realized how incredibly similar Sean Maher looks to Jake Gyllenhaal.



Great pictures of Summer, Jewel, and all the rest of the bunch. Summer's face is so subtly expressive...she acts through her eyes as well as her feet. And Jewel? Well. She certainly is gorgeous.
Morena looks fifteen without her layer of public make-up on, and Summer manages to look lovely and strange at the same time, though I may be conflating her with River. I was flipping through some random tabloid celebrity rag at the checkout stand a few days ago, and nearly squeeled like a stuck pig when I came suddenly across a picture of Summer at the U.S. premiere. The magazine was no-name really, but in its spread of trendy fashion (flowers in hair is back for girls, apparently), I have to thank them sincerely for including our lovely Summer.

Also, Nathan looks gruff and hot unshaven. Somewhat dashing. Thinking about it, Mal should totally have been unshaven at the beginning of the series (ala dark!Wesley). If he ever moved back into the light, he could start with the clean-shaven look.
Goodness, she just gets lovelier and lovelier.
Summer Glau should be the break out actress of this affair. Her performanace in 'Waiting in the Wings' was outstanding. It still brings tears to eyes.
So what is with all the unshaveness? I don't ever remember seeing Sean look unshaven either. Is this carefully managed publicity? "Ok boys. For this gig, don't shave for the next 2 days. This audience will love it." ??
The picture with the red rose in Summers hair was taken at the London advance screening, and I was there! That picture is somewhat better quality than the ones taken with my cameraphone.
Some really cute Morena pics in there. Same for Sean Maher (heh, he's so dopey-cute sometimes). That's easily the best set of Summer pics from any Serenity promotion, she's smokin' hot (I don't usually say that 'cause I feel wrong lusting after crazy, brother-dependant River, but those pics are all Summer).

Nathan in that Jefferson Phys. Ed t-shirt is the epitome of sex.

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