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November 27 2005

Wonderfalls gets some blogosphere notice. In Instapundit, no less. You can't keep a good show down!

I just got this series as a gift last month, and I am taking my time with it... because, oh god, it's so good. And quirky and different than anything that's actually on tv.

If they dont want to bring this show back, can they at least transport the character of Jaye Tyler into another good show? She just seems too good to waste.

Also, cast the guy who plays Eric in something else, because he's very nice to look at.
Great to see the 'Falls still getting the props that it so richly deserves.
On Minear related note, a little bird told me re: The Inside.

"Sorry, kids. Studio tells me no plans. I did notice that the ep that was to air next. Aidan, had found its way to bit torrent somehow."

Boo and Hiss...
I still haven't seen anything recently that's as funny and quirky as Wonderfalls, and I'm glad to see people still picking up on it. Arrested Development is hilarious, but in a totally different way (and of course, they are killing that as well). I loved Wonderfalls so much that I'd sooner buy it rather than Serenity (on DVD). I know it sounds shocking, but on limited funds you have to make a choice.

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