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November 27 2005

TV Winners and Losers. James Marsters gets some credit from "Entertainment Weekly" for "Smallville" emerging unbloodied on TV's most competitive night.

I hope this show gets better. I was almost excited when I heard James decided to not stay on as a regular cast member. That means I don't have to watch anymore! Very cool for James. It's funny how they gave the Aquaman episode such big thumbs up. The guy that was cast as Aquaman had to be one of the worst actors I have ever seen. I'm sure I'll be tuning into the end of Alias (which I didn't want to do until I finished all the DVDs...still on season2). No way am I giving OC another bad.
I don't think the news about James passing on a regular role is in any way oficial and don't forget that he still has 6 more episodes to shoot after Christmas on his existing contract.

Great news about the ratings and I loved that " The Peerless James Marsters" mention :)
"I heard James decided to not stay on as a regular cast member."

Where did you hear that? Last thing I saw was Kristen saying he was considering signing ON as a regular in some form.

I think it's pretty cool how well the show is doing in a such a hard time slot. I think it's especially notable because of how strongly some people dislike it. Of course, I may just be seeing that from a Whedonverse slant - I haven't seen what folks in other realms think of it.

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I think Wanda is the one who started the regular rumor, and Wanda who said he passed on it. Michael Ausiello said James was going back to film more SMALLVILLE.

I think the Aquaman episode was one of the highest rated, and this was James first speaking episode, too--so that might have had a bit to do with it. (I agree, that Aquaman was really bad)
You know, for "tv's most competitive night" the only program I can even stomach watching is Smallville, and the only reason I even started watching it again is because of James.

My favorite tv nights are Sunday and Tuesday. (sunday for the fox lineup, tuesday for Bones, House and Nip/tuck) all the other nights I am lucky if I get a half hour to an hour of good tv. (bring back my arrested ;.;)
I missed the premiere of Smallville's fifth season this year and then that was it--goodbye guilty pleasure (well, I still have Survivor. C'mon, I'm allowed one reality TV series. It's communal, a whole bunch of us get together to watch it). Maybe I'll check it out on DVD eventually, but it's way on the backburner behind a lot of more appealing-looking and most likely better quality shows I've missed (for instance, I'm DVD-only for stuff like NipTuck, 24, The Shield, and I still need to finish up Babylon 5 and try out Farscape finally).

I have Lost, that's it this year (I keep feeling tempted to get back into Desperate Housewives, but it can wait for DVD some day. Much as I enjoyed the first season and love most of the cast). It's kind of amazing (and probably beneficial) that I've pared it down to two hours of aired TV per week. Actually rather than cutting shows out, a lot of stuff I watched religiously simply ended or was cancelled these past two to three years. The DVD viewing is sporadic. The Sopranos'll finish up next year and maybe I'll be able to tear myself away from Lost to go DVD-only all the time. That'd help.
" think Wanda is the one who started the regular rumor, and Wanda who said he passed on it. Michael Ausiello said James was going back to film more SMALLVILLE. "

Thanks spikeylover. I had seen the first part - as any James threads here turn out to be huge, but missed Wanda saying he passed on it. Here's hoping that if he really did pass on it (assuming it was a real offer in the first place) it's because he has other things lined up and not just because of the distance from home issue. Not to downplay that as family obligations are important, just not always happy making for the fans!

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Cheers for this link spikey!

Peerless indeedy. :0)

Wanda started a rumour and then did a reverse. I think she may just have got confused. He's doing 10 episodes which is just shy of being a regular, as others do as little as 13 episodes.

But I do remember JM mentioning the possibility of coming back next year, ie S6 not 2006, as a different character. I'm hoping we see the return of Brainiac and also the real Milton SoFine. ;0)
I think you're right Lynnie, between Wrongda, JM mentioning 10 eps and a possible return next season, I'm sure that's how the entire thing came about.

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