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November 27 2005

Wonderfall's Tracie Thoms in this weekend's release, RENT. Mahandra sings! And tangoes! Beautifully! In the film's best performance! and more Thoms news!

Yeah, she's really good. Its a shame she had so little to do in both this and Wonderfalls. She is also now a regular cast member on the show Cold Case.

I had the pleasure of seeing an advanced screening of this and was pleasantly surprised by her singing abilities. What a great actress.
I'm actually looking forward to "Rent", I'm a big fan of the musical.

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Tracie was wonderful in this film, as was everyone else, especially Wilson Jermaine Heredia and Jesse L. Martin.

Rent actually has similar box office numbers as Serenity in its first weekend ($10.7 million for just the weekend). Rent opened on Wednesday and seemed to drop off a little every day. Being both a Browncoat and a Renthead, I'm a little disappointed. I really thought Rent was going to be a big hit and at least be #2. But then I remembered all the red states. Hopefully next weekend more people will see it since all the families probably came out for Thanksgiving weekend to see Yours, Mine, and Ours and Chicken Little.

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