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November 27 2005

No Longer a "Vixen", Buffy's named one of "TV's Top Kickass Girl Heroes". Jen Garner and Kristin Bell are also listed in this category. Not to mention Oprah and Lassie :)

This isn't ground-breaking, but still nice to see Buffy mentioned as a Hero and not a Vixen like in a previous article which stirred some debate.

But Emma Peel #9...c'mon, she's the original kick-ass TV woman -- possibly the very first in popular culture who could actually wipe the floor with her male partner, a effete bowler wearing dandy.

No Emma Peel versus #6 ("The Prisoner") would be more evenly matched...
I really liked the comment about Willow. :-)
Me too, Unplugged! For some reason my browser isn't letting me see the entire list. Would someone be a doll and post the entire list?
Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell - Veronica Mars,
Sydney Bristow, Jennifer Garner - Alias,
Buffy Summers, Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
Erica Kane, Susan Lucci - All My Children,
Olivia Benson, Mariska Hargitay - Law & Order: SVU,
Oprah Winfrey,
Powerpuff Girls - The Powerpuff Girls,
Emma Peel, Diana Rigg - The Avengers,
Dorothy, Bea Arthur - The Golden Girls,
Lt. Uhura, Nichelle Nichols - Star Trek: TOS
Kate, Evangeline Lilly - Lost

Some of the list makes sense, some I'm not familiar with and some are quite strange choices, Powerpuff Girls and Lassie?
Yeah Kate, that's a weird, rather premature choice. Lassie is a cute if silly and funny choice. I totally agree about Emma Peel, though -- she's completely awesome. I loved Lynda Carter until I saw Diana Rigg. Mmmm Hmmm!
Hey, the Powerpuff Girls kick butt! And they're only in kindergarten! But what a great list to discuss! I was also snickering over Dorothy from Golden Girls. Wouldn't want to anger her!
Lorelai was a runner up?! To Lassie? Arg. The world is too strange sometimes.
Hey, Lassie was one of the first women on TV, (or movies, I would guess) that came to the rescue instead of constantly being rescued. Altough they never called her a bitca on TV because of the standards and practices of the time, you know they did off camera, just as they would her kick-ass sisters in the future. She didn't let name calling stop her though, she just kept rescuing Timmy and everybody else in trouble every week.

(Sorry. It just had to be said. ;-) )

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