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November 27 2005

"Invisible Girl" Clea Duvall's prematurely canceled series "Carnivale" might return as a comic book.

Scroll down and look for rumour-news titled: "Something Wicked This Way Comes".

HBO's 2-hour tv-movie proposal was discarted by producers, saying that it wouldn't be enough to conclude the story.

Have yet to see Carnivale, due to the price tag.

Duvall also stars in The Grudge, with Gellar, although I don't think they shared any screen time. Seems like a trend.
Ah gosh, Carnivale is my favourite series behind those that belong in the Whedonverse... I'd love to see the story wrapped up nice and proper - though I haven't been able to see the second season due it not being released on DVD yet and ABC in Australia not getting around to showing it - hopefully soon :)
I haven't had the opportunity to watch 'Carnivale', although what I've read about it makes it sound very intriguing. I've always liked Clea DuVall in everything I've seen her in, even if I've not necessarily liked all of the half-dozen or so films I'm referring to.
aapac - in the same boat as you, loved the first season of Carnivale (but, I will confess, haven't bought it on DVD yet - AUS$75 is still a bit steep) but no S2 yet from ABC. I did find a site with S1 Carnivale scripts on but no S2 scripts there yet!

I find myself reading and buying ever-increasing numbers of comics so I guess this may just be another to add to the list! A proper S3 on TV (or direct-to-DVD, even) would have been nice though!
You're in for a shock with Season 2. Just as good as the first, but completely opposite in terms of pacing -- there's more plot development in "Damascus, NE" than in the entirety of Season 1.
I remember when Carnivale was cancelled, Daniel Knauf said he hoped it could become feature films like Star Trek. I said that if Serenity was a big hit it would help other projects like that. Sigh. I'll buy the comic books if they come out.

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