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November 27 2005

North West UK Serenity screening this Friday (2nd December) organised by fans, with shindig to the early hours. It's in Runcorn, about 10 minutes by train from Liverpool Lime Street train station. Probably the last chance to see the movie on the big screen in the UK.

What happens to the reels after the movie is finished showing in the cinema?
Couldn't say. To obtain the reels I believe Kirsty had to go through all the official channels so I presume they are returned to the distributors? (I'm not really clued on these things).

Wonder how many will show up on eBay :)

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Cool, tempted to find out how much a coach ticket and a hotel room would cost, it's been too long since I saw Serenity.
It's definately not your last chance to see it! I've been looking for a place to post this info and it seems as good a place as any. The Glasgow Film Theatre is showing Serenity on Sat 17 December at 1.30pm. Maybe other arty type cinemas across the UK will be showing it? Here's hoping!

PS If you're a Glasgow school student the GFT are running a movie review competition and one of the films you're allowed to review is Serenity. Check out for more details.
For anyone in London, it might be worth checking out the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square in a couple of weeks time. It's an independent repertory cinema that picks up a lot of interesting films.
If the GFT are, chances are the Filmhouse or the Cameo in Edinburgh will too sometime (since we had the world premiere in Edinburgh, gloat gloat gloat).

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