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November 28 2005

(SPOILER) Josscentricality Episode 2 is up now. Features in-depth discussions about Serenity.

Discussions focus on changes between some of the early screenings of Serenity and the impacts of those changes. Also looks at differing responses to Serenity and some possible explanations for those differences.

Yup, this is a big one guys. Lot's of fun, but some good discussions about scenes and peoples reactions to them. We had fun making this one. There are some tears, and you may even hear a little singing? Well, heh heh some on the spot sillyness. Also the sound quality is better on it too.
Next episode, we're looking for some input from you guys! Yep, we want some of your reactions to the spoilers and for the Ozzies, some of your beers with Joss stories. There's more info at the link about that.

p.s Thanx for the link Catalyst2! You sir, do indeed ROCK!

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