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November 28 2005

Vote for Daniel Dae Kim in People Magazine's Sexiest Man Poll. It would be nice to see a new face win this poll rather than one of the standard crop of actors who are always on these polls.

I never understand why these things don't include Marsters, but I'm happy to vote for DDK.
Daniel is very good in Lost, he's really impressed me so far in the episodes I've seen of the first season on E4. He gets my sexiest man vote (despite Sawyer's utterly adorable dimple).
It is amazing how sexy he is on Lost. There was no way a few years ago I would have said Gavin was sexy. Great what a grubby shirt and longer hair can do for a bloke.

I can't get into the poll but if JM isn't there - huh? Is DB listed, cos he's pretty darned scrummy too.
I'm afraid my vote's with Clooney.
I actually did find DDK a Gavin Park on Angel. But yeah, on Lost, not only has he done a kick-arse job as Jin, but he's like super-hot too. Which, yay for all the eye-candy happiness between him, Josh Holloway, Michael Fox, and Naveen Andrews.
I was going to vote for him, but I couldn't pass up Jake Gyllenhaal. *shrug*
I voted for Antonio B.
I'm surprised Sawyer didn't make the list...regardless, I'm a teeny-bopper and went with Orli. Sorry guys.
No Christopher Eccleston either. Booo! (but not really surprised).
I would have voted for Gavin (er I mean Daniel) anyway, since Naveen isn't on the list. It seems like they always have the same boring faces on these lists.
DDK is indeed incredibly sexy. As much as I'm not into these lists, I'm glad he made it on.

Who the heck is Orli?
I'm with you Emma Frost, LOST is overflowing with sexy men, and DDK's body is looking very hot in those tight shirts. And I agree that it is great to see someone like DDK who is not mainstream, be recognized for his appeal. However, I couldn't resist voting for Patrick Dempsey, because I am lovin' me some Dr. McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy...
Who the heck is Orli?

Even without looking at the article, I think I can safely bet my shirt that "Orli" is Mr. Orlando Bloom.

Having now looked, I would go for either Mr. Jake G. or Mr. Daniel D. Kim. If I were to go for such, um, things.
Mmmm...Sawyer....he is absolutely gorgeous...and that Southern drawl...can't believe he didn't make the cut. And those cheekbones - almost in JM's league...:-)
I voted for DDK. The man is working everywhere, and finally he's getting some real recognition. Most of the others on that list are over-rated.

And how did anyone vote for George Clooney? He's not even an option on there!
Yes he is, Nebula1400.
I'm not a teeny bopper and I had to go for Orlando Bloom as well. He's too pretty to pass up!
Where's the "entire male cast of Angel" option?

And Daniel is the best on Lost. By far one of my favorite characters.
Clooney. No contest :)
I would have to agree with others that DDK is really fantastic on Lost, and I went ahead and voted for him. But I also find Sawyer and Sayid very nice to watch.

I never have been too much of a George Clooney fan, but I do admire the risks he has been taking in his career of late. I haven't yet seen Syriana, although I intend to do so, but I have seen Good Night and Good Luck, which is excellent. As the power behind the latter, Clooney has really earned my respect.
Jake Gyllenhaal. That was pretty easy. Who's stuffing the ballot box for Matthew McConaughey?

Yay for superficiality. Yay for beef.

[ edited by Kris on 2005-11-29 05:41 ]
Hey, I happen to think Matthew McConaughey is super sexy. Remember him in Contact with Jodi Foster? Rawrr. But I voted for DDK because I'd like to see him get recognition. He's a fantastic actor and so sexy on Lost!
OK. So George Clooney is on there. My computer has been acting up the past couple of days and not loading pages properly.

While I love Clooney's politics, he's just not sexy... I don't even find him remotely attractive.
I keep looking for zeitgeist on the poll... something must be wrong with my browser, because me no find.

*draws own box. writes-in "zeitgeist." checks box. sits back, pleased with self. buffybot grin.*
"While I love Clooney's politics, he's just not sexy... I don't even find him remotely attractive."

Good. So he's all Herb's and mine then.
As for Matthew McConaughey getting a lot of votes, it doesn't hurt to be on the frikkin homepage of the website! (I hate these kinds of polls btw. :)
Wow. He's a good actor, but I think he's butt ugly. Just my opinion!
*grins at barest_smidgen* Thanks, babe!

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