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November 29 2005

(SPOILER) Herc reviews Veronica Mars 2.9 with the return of Alyson Hannigan. Spoilers are mild, even the invisotext. Details about how to view the alternate ending over at The Futon Critic.

Does anyone know when the second Season hits the UK?
Apparently it will air next summer Andy.

We learn which real-life tiny three-named blonde movie star will be playing Veronica in “The Aaron Echolls Story.”

Yay, can't wait for this episode. Aly and Charisma to snark it up along with the usual snark from Veronica and Logan :) (hmm I seem to have mixed character and actor names there, oh well)
Simon, I got a big grin at that, too :) Reading some of the lines I can't wait to see this ep. This show just gets better and better. I really dug Season 1, but S2 is really fulfilling the promise of the show, IMO.
I was so scared that they wouldn't be able to pull this season off as well as last season.

But they've done an even better job Just wow.
Well, I have just watched Season One again all night. I have to say, I'm thinking Season two is definately the better so far. Not so many off topic MOTW's, more time spent on the actual mysterys. Oh and hey, more Mac! How can ya complain with more Mac, oh and possible Mac romance? Yay!
I, too, am a big fan of Mac. She should a regular, not a recurring.
I still haven't seen all of Season One but I am enjoying Season 2 a lot and I am really pleased to see more AH on the show. Can't wait to get my "recorded for me by a friend" copy.
Preparing to pee my pants :-)

Gawd I know it's written that way but I *so* hate Charisma's character on Veronica Mars. It's so wrong for her career on so many levels but I guess work is work.

I feel like Veronica Mars is tricking me into watching what would be a 90210-ish show when I would never normally do so.
I really want to see Veronica Mars. If I can't wait for the R2 release I will probably get the R1 from Amazon.
That's funny, I kind of think that Charisma is great in the role. I really dug this season from the beginning, but even the nay-sayers seem to be admitting that this season is fast-becoming exceptional. The last 4 episodes have been... well... pretty close to perfect Veronica Mars.

I love how there is more going on this year than just the single bus mystery, and am pleased that the writers are balancing out all the stories to my liking.
I'm not sure why this role is bad for Charisma. It is a smart, critically well reviewed show with some great actors. How is this bad?
I'm so sad that I can't watch the second season. We don't get UPN where I'm living now (college and all), so I'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD and netflix it. I absolutely loved the first season though, so question: is the second season living up to the greatness of the first?

Oh, and also, today my teacher walks in and just starts going crazy with excitement about this great new show her friends and she discovered and spent the past four days watching all the way through on DVD. Everyone's like, "Huh? Veronica Mars? What the heck is that?"
I, meanwhile, just sat twiddling my thumbs with glee. New viewers make me sooooo happy.
riaspark, the second season so far is very good. I can't really rate it compared to the first since it's not over yet, but it's definitely much more complex. I'm really enjoying it.
Posters might be interested to know that an alternate ending to tonight's Veronica Mars will be broadcast on starting from tomorrow i.e Dec 1st.

Very spoilerish details over at The Futon Critic.
We're up to s2e6 here on the antipodean (not a real site :-) and I recently rewatched s1 - I liked it hugely more on the second viewing. Part of the attraction is the plot isn't handed to you on a silver platter, and so when you finally click to the clues you missed first time round you can see how well plotted it all is (note to self, don't watch after a bottle of wine). Not that I didn't like it the first time, but it gets even better after you've thought about it a little.

I'll raise my hand as belonging to the Mac fans out there. I think her first episode was when I realised how good this series could be - and I think her background could make a great element for season 3. Just Sayin' (as they say on teh intarwebs)

For reference, the second time I realised I love this show was when Logan says "My day is complete - Veronica Mars has accused me of evil" and twirls an invisible moustache. Gohring's physical comedy is just the icing on the cake, and hard to describe - it's not slaptick but it is...deft.
Simon, do you think the alternate ending will make it's way onto the internet for download? I really want to see it.
I would imagine someone could figure out to capture the ending for download. If not, watch it on AOL's Media Player and wait til it turns up on the Season Two DVD.
Thanks Simon much obliged.
I reckon it'll be available to download within an hour of it appearing on, probably quicker than that. I can't wait for tonights ep, and I love the fact that they filmed 2 endings and are letting us see both. Also in the "I love Mac" camp, she's much better than most of the regular cast, in fact I'd put her behind only Logan and Veronica (and maybe Weevil).
Does the Futon Critic reveal the "jawdropping surprise"? If so, I'll try to stay strong and not look. But I'm so curious.
Last weekend I did nothing but watch S1 over 2 looooonnnnng days. I have planned on watching the first few eps just to check it out and then got sucked in. Anyone in Canada seeing S2 yet?

By the way, does anyone know if Jason Dohring is related to Brent Spiner? His voice and mannerisms are sometimes so similar.
redfern, if you have satellite, you can get UPN in Canada. So, I am lucky enough to have a friend tape it for me each week.
I'm guessing CTV will show it over the summer as it did Season One.
I'm furious! Tonight's Veronica Mars is pre-empted in Philadelphia for basketball, and I can't find it anywhere else on the schedule this week! AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!
Thanks Lioness - no satellite, just reg cable. I guess I'll have to wait. Or get a friend to 'find' it for me ;-)
I am going to go out and buy S1 for myself for Christmas.
Nebula it will air in the Philadelphia region Saturday at 6:00 pm on UPN.(I rushed home for nothing)
We learn which real-life tiny three-named blonde movie star will be playing Veronica in “The Aaron Echolls Story.”

Wow. So...NOT the real life tiny three named blonde I was thinking of.
AHA! Big middle finger to you AOL for making this so difficult,
it took me an hour but I figured out how to do direct download:

quicktime direct link
windows media direct link

quicktime direct link
windows media direct link

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