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November 30 2005

NBC (bare bones) site for 'Four Kings' up. NBC has put up a placeholder site for Seth Green's new comedy 'Four Kings.' The only features available so far are a photo gallery and a video preview which showcases Seth quite nicely.

Slight edit for clarity :)
I probably should've just stopped when I read "From the Creators of Will & Grace." Unfortunately, I didn't.

Ick...very ick...
But it has Seth!
I got to see the teaser trailer, it looks funny.
I actually like Will & Grace but only once in a while. Unlike my beloved Whedonverse, it would get tiresome quickly in large doses. The Will & Grace association makes me think it has at least a little potential. I consider it much better than most other half hour comedy around. I'd check it out at least, just because of that.

Also, there have been something like three or four Buffy shout-outs on Will & Grace. I think that's very cool.

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I think the preview I've seen run a couple of times, with Seth in makeup and curlers, looked hilarious! :)

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