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November 30 2005

Titan Books' Serenity: The Visual Companion Wins Award. SFX Reader Award for best non-fiction book is awarded to Serenity: The Visual Companion.

I have a co-worker who is trying to get a copy for a friend for Christmas and is having no luck. This explains why!
I published the 2nd review of this, Simon did the first. As we both said, the book rocks, and I'm glad to see it sold well. It was a geninuely well put together effort from Titan.
30,000 copies is very good in my book. Kudos.
I thought the visual companion was excellent. I love it most for the photos and other graphics. It was very much worth the cost. In fact, the cost (in US dollars anyway) makes it a not-extravgant purchase at all for something an avid fan would totally love. I imagine many fans will be getting this for Christmas because it's not the type of thing you would normally purchase for yourself unless you are a totally rabid fan of something.
Indeed! I'm hoping the sales of the book will eventually lead to people getting the DVD soon.

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Lioness, send me an email, quickly.

The visual companion is indeed a beautiful piece of work. Really, really loved it. Glad it is doing so well.
I have been very happy with mine, and I've recommended it to my fellow fans. Great quality printing and some wonderful extras. I love the interviews with Joss about different aspects of making the movie.
The local bookstores don't have this book in stock. I'm hoping this will change when they finally show the movie.
It's a great book. I scan the script then go back to see the movie again with more knowledge and more questions. Chris inVirginia, I emailed you but no reply?
Yep, the visual companion does rock! And the amount sold is great.

Btw, Serenity and Joss won a huge amount of SFX awards this year. I'd say the award for the book was even minor compared to the rest. I was pretty happy with the results when the magazine arrived at my doorstep ;-).
I agree, the book deserves to sell well and win awards because it is fantastic and a great example of the great respect Joss has for his fans, because he knows we're intelligent and we enjoy reading indepth about his work. Plus the fact that it was so detailed, beautiful and well constructed. Thanks Joss!
I am thinking of putting it on my Secret Santa wish list at work just so the poor soul who gets my list might try to find out something about it or ask around about it. Then if they actually get it for me, bonus!

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