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November 30 2005

'Bones' to get new time slot in January. David Boreanaz's new show will move to Wednesday 9:00 PM starting January 25. It'll be up against 'Lost' and 'Veronica Mars'. 'Prison Break', which has Marti Noxon as a consulting producer, will return in March.

Aww man, it's moving from being up against GG to up against VM?! I swear, the ONLY freakin' shows I watch or want to watch are all against each other!

I watched Bones last night since GG wasn't on, and it's not bad. Not super, but it's watchable. And David looks like he's having fun. Too bad I can't watch it more often.
Well, I've gotten to the point that I am enjoying Bones, but I have only one VCR, and I won't miss VM or Lost. So, sorry, DB. (I cannot think of a more bone-headed -- sorry -- move on Fox's part. Oh, yes I can. They cancel good shows prematurely.)
Noooooo! It's getting so much better and this week I actually *gulp* thought Brennan was not completely awful. I even almost cheered when she told that guy off. Although it was still better watching DB walking away in the background waving his arms around for some reason than watching her scene.

But the three others are weird fun and DB is just great.
WTF!!! Why the hell do they have to do this kind of thing to me? They're going to have Lost, Veronica Mars, and Bones up against eachother? Why don't they just move the damn thing to thursday nights at nine up against CSI. I, personally boycotting CSI, Law & Order, and other shows with endless carbon copies, would much rather have it in that timeslot seeing how Nightstalker is now officialy dead. Why do they have to put three of my favorite shows up against eachother like that?! It's just not fair.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - Bones and House was my Tuesday night!!!!!!!!!
Bye Bones... you're kind of enjoyable, but you're not worth the extra effort to record.
I see Fox is staying true to form and trying to kill BONES, since it had promise.
Are we sure that Fox isn't a branch of W&A? Just wondering GRIN

And ditto, Rogue Slayer, all my shows are on against each other also. I swear, there should be contracts with all Mutant Enemy actors that they can't ever have dueling time-slots.

FOX is moving around its whole schedule because of American Idol, Prison Break, and 24, so I don't know what I'm going to wind up watching come January.

Haven't watched Bones that much, but I *do* like DB in it.
I'm betting they are hoping the lead in from American Idol results shows will be enough to make people hang in and watch. Ummm yeah that should work out spectacularly.
8:00-9:00 PM SKATING WITH CELEBRITIES (as of Jan. 23)

This is what they replace Arrested Development and KC with? *shakes head*
You are freaking kidding me?! Just starting to really get into and like this show...grr argh!!
lol, eddy. The Inside was replaced with dancers, multiple Emmy winning Arrested Development gets replaced with Skating people.
Ditto what everyone has said about Bones being up against VM and Lost. How terrible. Suggest everyone email FOX and write to Peter Lugari (?) head of the network and tell him we want to watch but not at that time slot. Bones should be on at 8 and then Idol at 9 or as someone said, move Bones to Thursday.
Well, my Bones watching days are over. There is no way that DB in an enjoyable, but pretty mediocre show, can compete with VM and Lost.
As a sidenote: In case anyone missed it, Tim mentioned that Fox currently has 'no plans to release The Inside on DVD'. Boo and hiss...
What's up with Wednesday and Thursday nights? There are five other nights. Guess the networks haven't caught on to that yet.
What's up with Wednesday and Thursday nights?

Those are the nights that make the most in terms of ad revenue. Probably. Or its a dark plot of some sort.
If you think about it, Bones is more non-genre than anythink - as in, they're airing on a different day to Law and Order for a reason probably. Just so happens DB attracts the genre (Lost) fans.
I only caught the end the other night and thought the relationship was beginning to work and that DB was quite charming so this is really annoying.
Well, that's just unfortunate on so many levels. DB's Seeley Booth is no Angel, but he's been enjoyable the couple of times I've managed to catch Bones when GG wasn't on; it also made a nice block on Tuesday night with House, which is something I'd been missing since the old BtVS/AtS days.

There's no freaking way I can split myself into thirds on Wednesday night -- Lost and VM are MSTV. Can't say I have much hope Bones will do well enough in the new slot to make it to repeats, either. Oh well. I suppose this kind of counterprogramming is Fox's way of telling me I'm watching too much television?
Of course, who is to say that UPN won't change the timeslot for Veronica Mars.
Isn't Top Model ending soon. If so they may move VM maybe.
I've been watching Bones but Brennan's character is driving me mad. i don't know one female intellectual/science nerd that
a) wears that much makeup
b) wears big jewellry
I agree with lynnie - the other characters are way more interesting
redfern LOL, she's a pip ain't she. I mean I know the main character in a show usually isn't my favourite anyway, but this is taking it to extremes.

And if she says "I don't know what that means." one more time.....Aaaaargh!

But Seeley is great, Angela is nice and the geek twins are growing on me, quickly. I even think her boss is way better than in the pilot. It's just her. Could they not find someone who could, you know, act.

[ edited by lynnie on 2005-12-01 02:41 ]
I hate this movie by Fox, too. VM will come up as the loser here, since it will be steamrolled by Lost and Bones...unless Bones winds up getting steamrolled, too. If not for the Sunday replays, VM would be in big trouble.
I also see Emily Deschanel has got a lot of you bugged. If her character at least waded through pop culture istead of drowning herself in skeletons and icky stuff 24/7, she'd be less of a stiff. As Angela again vainly tried to convince Tempe to socialize last week, she said "it's like describing the moon to a mole." That's Tempe, and there has to be a moment where she finally sees that. If not for David Boreanaz, the show wouldn't have much appeal at all.
Not a happy camper here.

However, I've got to agree with desilu (like Lucy?). I don't think Fox is trying to tank Bones, after all they did order a full season. I'm sure that Fox is hoping that Bones will get the same kind of bump from American Idol that House got last season.
She's not bugging me because she is a stiff - the problem is she is way too girly for a science geek. Her lack of interest in a social life makes total sense (been there, am that). If she is as work/science obsessed as the dialogue implies, there would be no time or interest in "girly" stuff. I think that Jodi Foster's character in Contact is a more realistic portrayal of a female scientist: jeans and a t-shirt, nothing fussy, dresses up pretty when she wants to.
Emily Deschanel doesn't bug me at all. The way her character is written however? That's another story.
This makes me sad. I now have NOTHING on monday nights. And only 'House' on tuesday. Yet, I have VM, Bones AND Lost all on at the same time on the same day.

Now it will probably be my luck that 'Scrubs' will return on Wed at 8:00.

Yes, this is my luck.
OK, I just thought of the worst case scenario for us genre fans and regular fans of television. And just so you know, I only regularly watch about half of these shows so I just came up with a list that had the broadest appeal of genre and regular fans. These would be the shows that each network would air at the same time on the same night that would just kill us.

At 8:00 PM

ABC - Alias
CBS - Threshold
NBC - Surface
FOX - Bones
WB - Smallville
UPN - Veronica Mars

At 9:00 PM

ABC - Lost
CBS - Ghost Wisperer
NBC - Medium
FOX - House
WB - Gilmore Girls
UPN - Smackdown!

At 10:00 PM

ABC - Desperate Housewives
NBC - Law & Order

That would have to be the worst possible night for any fan of television. I couldn't even begin to decide what show I would watch and which one I would tivo. That would definatley be a Thursday night from hell.
This is a mistake. 'Bones' will lose in ratings compared to the other networks. I'll hush now.
Why? I should have learned my lesson and stopped watching Fox when they canceled "Firefly." Oh well. Goodbye "Bones."
Well, so much for that! I already watch both Lost and Veronica Mars (which are infinitely better), so there's no way for Bones to fit in there I'm afraid. Sorry David! Maybe you shoulda agreed to an Angel movie after all... *snerk*
Yeah, heh... who cares? This show sucks and the only reason we all even pay the slightest attention is because of our Angel.


The show is growing on me. But I love VM and Lost. Right now we TiVo one and watch or VCR the other. I suppose we could go back to downloading, but that's just a pain in the ass. This is a dumb, dumb move on their part.
Well, that just sucks. Can't expect anything less from Fox. I liked the show, but I am already watching Lost and taping Veronica Mars. No more VCRs in the house. Time to get Tivo. Even so, may not be worth the effort. Will probably be gone by next season anyway.
Well, I for one enjoy this show! It will be hard to fit them both in, but I'll try. Veronica will take the lead in my home no matter how pretty DB is (and you guys know how much I heart my DB).
I'm betting they are hoping the lead in from American Idol results shows will be enough to make people hang in and watch. Ummm yeah that should work out spectacularly.

Actually, it probably will -- because it already worked last year for House. The ratings for that show skyrocketed once AI was its lead-in.
Well that's just great. Fox (and CBS) really know how to screw up my viewing schedule. I was so looking forwards to a post-MNF viewing schedule of House-Medium on Monday and then an awesome Tuesday line-up of Bones-Supernatural-Threshold-Nip/Tuck. In the space of a week, Threshold is cancelled, I will still have to choose between House and Supernatural (sunday repeat is not an option), and Bones will be dead by the end of the season. Brilliant..except, not!

Hopefully the AI lead-in will work for Bones, but I rather doubt it. I'll still be watching Bones on Wednesday. It's not a great show, but I've given up on Lost, can't get into VM and I would honestly watch DB in pretty much anything.
What's up with Wednesday and Thursday nights? There are five other nights. Guess the networks haven't caught on to that yet.

What's up with Wednesday and Thursday nights?

Those are the nights that make the most in terms of ad revenue. Probably. Or its a dark plot of some sort.

You know, though, other nights might bring in lots of ad revenue if they HAD SOME GOOD SHOWS ON!

Except for "Surface," Monday nights are dull.
Tuesdays have been packed.
Wednesdays are crowded from 9 p.m. on. There's nothing worth watching at 8 p.m.
Fridays are boring.
Saturdays bore the dead.
Sundays are no good till 9 p.m.
Add me to the bandwagon. I'm definitely enjoying Bones, but I'm in the Lost/VM camp and as it is I dislike being able to tape only one of them, while watching the other. No way to wedge Bones in there too once this happens.
"Yeah, heh... who cares? This show sucks and the only reason we all even pay the slightest attention is because of our Angel.


Willowy | December 01, 06:48 CET "

Actually I started watching for DB because, you know, Angel's not real. But the show is growing on me.

Who cares? Er...well maybe read the thread, I think you'll find some people here who care quite a bit actually.
Who cares? as in "So what, lynnie.

And yeah, the DB thing. Who doesn't know that? Stop purposely taking me so literally when you know I'm speaking figuratively. It's annoying.
Willowy I annoyed you? Oh dear, how sad, never mind. Unfortunately I'm not a mindreader and therefore find it best to read what people say and take it literally. As I don't know you how am I supposed to know you are speaking figuratively. Also, you don't know me so please don't make unfounded assumptions if you'd be so kind.
Unfounded assumptions?

Email me please, if you like.
Nah, you're alright. I'm not that bothered.
Willowy - you did just accuse somebody of deliberately doing, erm, something.
Willowy, speaking purely as a non-fan of Bones (due to the fact i'm from the UK and therefore have not had chance to check it out yet) I have to admit that you came across as a little selfish in your first comment so i'm not too surprised that somebody picked you up on it. The show apparently does have fans, regardless of DB being in it, so the "who cares" crack seems a little off, to me at least. Think how you would have felt if somebody had posted that about Buffy, Angel or Firefly in a similar situation. I'm pretty sure you would have responded to the remark.

That said, as stated i've no real opinion on Bones but i seriously doubt that it would ever be good enough to compete with my Lost addiction. If i had to choose i would imagine that Bones would lose out.
Vampire With A Gun - for info, I'm pretty sure Bones starts on Sky One next month :) I'd imagine they will pair it before Nip Tuck or some such.
Thanks for that, gossi. I think i remember reading at Digital Spy that Sky One would be showing it at some point but wasn't sure when.

Slightly off topic here but i don't suppose you have heard anything about which channel might be showing Ghost Whisperer, have you?
Yes, well sometimes I can be a bit blunt. That's just how it seems to me, is all. No worries.
My only consolation is that, for now, at least, my local UPN station re-runs Veronica Mars on Sundays at 7 p.m., so I can catch it live or tape it then. So if evil FOX insists on moving Bones to Wednesdays at 9, I can still tape that, or Lost, and watch the other.

Of course, if local UPN stops Veronica re-runs, I'm out of luck :-(
This is FOX's way of saying we don't have long term confidence in the show. The ratings for BONES does not support moving it up against shows like LOST. FOX is notorious for killing shows this way. Sorry DB....the fat lady is about to sing.
Very stupid move. I am devoted to LOST and Veronica Mars already. As much as I have been enjoying Bones, I will have to miss the second half of season 1 if Fux stands by this rescheduling decision. If I remember, I will rent Bones S.1 on dvd.

I truly hate Fux's dedication to American Idol and MLB. All the shuffling and disappearing of shows ruins my interest in trying out new programs on their network.
thats funny
thats really funny
DarenG - I completely disagree here. Lost is a completely different show to Bones. The positioning of Bones will almost certainly win it a huge audience - they've put it right at American Idol (Fox's highest rating show) time slot. They did exactly the same with House (which was struggling) this time last year - and House got a massive audience boost, securing it's future. Combined with Fox ordering a full season, things are looking very rosey for Bones.
A timely reminder:

It would be appreciated if posters didn't make snippy comments at each other. If you have a problem with someone, don't post about it here.
Simon (and DarenG) - if that was aimed at me I apologise. I wasn't trying to be snippy at you there Daren, I just figured you might not know about the House thing.
I think it was aimed at lynnie and me, gossi.

Apologies, Simon.
Major suckage. Lost, VM and Bones are three of the only four shows I watch, and we already have to tape either VM or Lost every week.

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