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February 27 2003

Fan critizes Sarah's decision to leave Buffy. An eloquent, if some what angry reaction to Sarah's wish to focus on her acting.

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Somehow I don't think she is a fan of SMG.

"She's going to murder the series by stepping out of the role that made her famous."

(slight breakage of the no self-interest posting...but I only host the postee. Her reaction really is pertinent and her site is buried. How else you you supposed to find it)

Wait a minute, Sarah might be leaving BtVS ?!!?
I dunno, seven years is a long time - I can imagine she wants to move on and the series is rapidly losing its 'can do no wrong' label.

(Birdy, that technically is a self link even if you didn't write it. The thing to do in such cases is to mail us and tell us about the article - like a lot of people are doing.)
Good lord, is Sarah supposed to stay on Buffy forever just to please the show's fans? Self-interest does not equal selfish.

"She justifies the leave, of course, with her longtime devotion and her insistance that one of the other characters... can take the torch."

She doesn't have to justify her decision, and certainly not to us. If I recall correctly, she wanted to leave two years ago but stayed on. I think the author of that criticism just doesn't like SMG and is using this as an excuse to whine about her.
No sympathy here. All things must pass. Or, as Bruce Cockburn once put it, "it's a sin to try to make things last forever." The show has done what it set out to do. Not just SMG, but all the actors and their characters can move on. Yes, I'll miss it, and the Scoobies, but I can deal.

The writer's assumption that BtVS will continue as "X the Vampire Slayer" is completely unwarranted, anyway. If there's a future "Buffyverse" spinoff show, expect it to surprise us much as Angel has.
Heck, I respect SMG a lot MORE for leaving than if she stayed on. I mean, she's done seven years of great work for the show, so artistically and financially it makes sense to move on.

I remember when Fox kept throwing money at "THe X-Files" to keep it going although creatively there didn't seem to be too much interest ... the show just kept getting crappier and crappier.

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