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November 30 2005

Once more, with muppets. Serenity gets a hand puppet make over. Extremely silly fun; "(River) Um, my reaver-sense is tingling."

Love it - needs a spoiler tag though.
That was great. I especially like nearly nekkid Mal and the Reavers!
Hehe excellent. Getting more convinced by the hour that I need to go to the screening on Friday.
All your psychic runaways are belong to me.

The reavers were hilarious! And Kaylee's "Who cares, I lack sex!" Hee heeee! Sing it sister, I hear ya. ;)

Wash's slam on Joss was killer funny, too. I love this! Thanks a ton, gossi.
Hahaha, that was awesome!
Ha! So glad my workplace is empty right now, as that means no one asks me why I'm laughing so hard. Hilarious. I think one of my favorite lines had to be "Run like hell now, strangle Joss Whedon later!" Just narrowly edged out by "Sadistic McKillsmeoff."
Super cute and very witty. Thanks gossi!
I find it just a bit less clever than the Serenity in 2,000 words but I do like the puppets.
This was frickin' hysterical. So funny. Really well done. Thanks for sharing! My favorite? "This is not the Firefly ship you are looking for"
Fun! Thanks muchly for that, Gossi! I loved the reaver muppets and Serenity disguised as a reaver ship were just perfect -- cute yet disturbingly gross. Dialogue was hilarious.
Yea, ya really should put a spoiler warning on this one!!!

Other than that, laughed my head off at the Serenity going through Reaver space part. That was very funny!
Ok, my ADD totally prohibits me from checking that whole thing out, but is there something in there spoilery that's not in the movie? I thought we weren't doing spoiler warnings anymore on Serenity.
There's really no more need for spoiler warnings. Serenity had its final big screen debut (Germany) in the past week, so it's officially "aired" everywhere it's going to now. Sure, there're regions that aren't getting it in theatres that'll have to wait for the DVD next year, but it still feels like time to retire the Serenity spoiler warnings. Totally up to the mods of course.

Kaylee: "Who cares? I lack sex!"


The Star Wars gag was lame though. Incredibly overused, spoofed exchange.

It was cute overall, got a couple silent chuckles, but I remember the "Serenity-in-2000-word-or-less" thing being funnier.

[ edited by Kris on 2005-12-01 10:48 ]
Kris, and others, I think we agreed a while ago that December 1 would indeed be the day to mark the end of Serenity spoiler tags. What say ye all?

Ahh Simon, you could've let us know your sister had a Buffy complex. "

OMG... that is the funniest thing ever.
Buffybot?! LOL!
Alright, I'm won over with this line.
"Okay, I know you're probably mad about being locked up in the closet and called a loon, but I didn't eat your Cheez-its, honest!"

I love Cheez-its!
Yeah, I liked the "Serenity in 2000 Words or Less" thing better, but this was pretty funny.

Especially the fan reaction to Wash's death. :-D
I love the "You don't need to see our identification" bit. Star Wars references kill me.
Excellent find, gossi! I'll be rolling on the floor. Now, I want a Buffy muffet. Sources, sources...hmmm.

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