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December 01 2005

Israel gets Serenity after all (well, sort of). Israeli fans wouldn't give up, and eventually got one, single, special screening of "Serenity" in Tel Aviv

Thanks to all the requests, emails, phone calls and general badgering from the fans to the local PTB in the past few weeks, a special screening will be held next Friday December 9th, at 2PM in Hod Cinema, Tel Aviv.

The fan community will continue to do its best to maybe get a few more screenings, so as to give everyone a chance to see the film.

Excellent - well done, folks!
Great news. That said, it IS a self link.
Well, yea, but it's a nice one Caroline! ;)
I'm really glad to hear this hey! Good for you guys!
Of course it's a Friday, so religious people can't go.

Glad that I got to see it at the ICON screening.
Sorry for the self-link. There really isn't any other link in English to share, so I just went ahead. Hope it's ok, will understand if not...

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The screening's at 2 PM, so religious people can go on Friday. Shabbat doesn't begin until sundown.
I guess it's possible they sleep outside the theatre...Shabbat's at what, 4:30? :) But yeah, that is less annoying.
Congrats, friends :) Enjoy the BDM!

Congrats and enjoy

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