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December 01 2005

The Prop Store of London offers up some original prop collectibles. From Buffy, Angel, as well as other shows and movies. Including Spike's outfit from "Why We Fight" and Gunn's Bat Stake.

Part of a new acquisition of Firefly/Serenity props (not yet up on their site) will be on special display at the Serenity Flanvention in LA in a little over a week.

Very cool stuff :) Notice they removed the Nazi bits from William's costume from 'Why We Fight', probably a smart move.
Hehe. I was thinking the same thing, ZG ;)
I was having visions of some poor sap showing it off and getting their posterior kicked. Also had a brief flash of Bernard from Black Books running up to the skinheads and yelling "Which one of you b*tches wants to dance?" :)
Wow, that's all very reasonably priced if you're not me.
That Sunnydale headline is fabulous!

‘Mayhem Caused, Monsters Certainly Not Involved, Officials Say’

Do they brush the demon teeth first?
I considered buying the newspaper - cos it's really cool. That was before I looked at the prices. Wow. $1,000?!*&%@? Over $2,000 for a rubber stake?!*%#@! Too bad.
I like the mace, only because it reminds me of a Willow line I love so much!

"Wow, two centuries of dating. If you only had two a year, that's still, like, four hundred dates with four hundred different...Why do they call it a mace?"
Isn't that the paper Xander held up in OMWF? Oh, to have lots and lots of disposable cash...
Isn't that the paper Xander held up in OMWF?

Yes it is! I'd love to have that paper. I wouldn't even care if it was a mock-up. It would be great to frame next to a large OMWF poster.
The lay out is confusing. I kept thinking they were asking thousands of dollars for the DVD and I couldn't see why!
And I think we broke it - I can't move off the Angel page.

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