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December 02 2005

"I wanted to make a great movie" - Joss on the aftermath of Serenity. Very recent interview with Joss which deals with the box office performance, the DVD and why certain major things had to happen in the movie. There's also the latest update on those rumoured direct to DVD Buffy movies.

A good read - thanks.

I've lost count of the amount of films Alan has popped up in as a gay german monk on crack without a leg with a CHILD growing out of his CHIN and such.

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The interviewer was amusingly chaotic with his questions and comments, at least that's how I felt reading it. A good read, though.
Quite enjoyable...good to hear Jubal Early survived.
Yes, I second that, Chris inVirginia. The Jubal Early tidbit is very tantalizing...we need more Firefly, damn it.
Jubal for President of the Alliance.

Does the Alliance have a President?
A nice interview, nothing really revelatory though. It is nice to see Joss confirm that DVD sales will play a big part in whether we get a major motion picture sequel or not. There was definitely speculation and people talking about other films, but really before this the only people who knew for sure what the deal was were Joss and the Universal execs.

Now we we know too. I feel cautiously confident. I think that Serenity generally impressed reviewers and people who hadn't seen Firefly, and of course we will all buy it, and that's the kind of popularity that can only grow over time. I hope that Serenity follows the same pattern as Firefly and sells amazingly well on DVD even though it wasn't fully appreciated in its theatrical release (on in Firefly's case, first TV airing).
Good interview. I wish he could have got to that "Is Summer single" question. Enquiring minds want to know.
gay german monk on crack
Gossi, I am most amused (tee hee)
Joss, who do we have to:

a) beg
b) bribe
c) blackmail
d) bludgeon

to help you find out about and get the correct answer for those direct-to-dvd Buffy films?
gossi: If the Alliance has a Parliament, would it by definition have a prime minister? Or am I confusing things? Could it have a president and a prime minister? Whatever. Jubal Early for Big Important Guy in Charge of Things!
(Oh, and what a chaotic interview. In my opinon, Q&As are kinda lazy. Do an interview, write a story. Make it cohesive. It should have a beginning, middle and end, and not just because "you ran out of time." I loved the content, just not the way in which it was delivered.)
killinj follow the money trail. *Points at 20th Century Fox*.
Good interview. I wish he could have got to that "Is Summer single" question. Enquiring minds want to know.

Click here.
Wow, she sounds like a terribly sensitive girl, poor thing! I doubt she'll ever be like me, make apple pie and tell her man to 'eat it and like it'!
I loved this 3-word explanation: "because it hurt"

It's such a huge thing, but that captures it.
Shucks. I wonder if I saw him when she showed up at the Chicago screening of "Serenity" back in June. There was a guy there who was dressed nicely and looked like he was there with, well, Summer.

Lucky guy, I wish him well.

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Did anyone else just get a visual of Rogue Slayer telling Ed to 'eat it and like it!'

ETA: Apple pie that is. Yes, apple pie.

[ edited by dcubed on 2005-12-02 23:16 ]
Did now! Chortle and muffled sniggering
Last weekend I took a friend to see Serenity at a second run theatre here in town. Need I say that he liked it? He is now planning on buying the DVD and probably Firefly as well. Hmm, it would make a good present for his son as well who seldom gets out of the house due to 2 year old twins. I think I'll suggest it to my friend.
There. 2 more DVDs sold.
And I rather like the chaotic nature of the interview and I loved his initial fanboy gushing. Sounds like something I would say.
Lioness, can you send me an email? Address is in my profile?

Hey now, behave! Apple pie, darnit! Apple pie! And it was a recipe from Ed's mom, so there's nothing remotely naughty about it!

Except the homemade whipped cream.... :~P
Whoaa...I just spewed coca-cola all over my screen... :-)
Chris, did that last time. Will do so again.
Perhaps Joss is hoping to make Serenity 2: The Wrath of Jubal...
I think Serenity is the wrath...

I'm not sure Serenity on DVD will pull big numbers due to various factors, I've got to be honest. Not factors relating to the film, though.
I've been getting discouraged by how it's doing on Amazon's Top Seller's list. It was up in the top ten for a little while, but it dropped down. For a while now it hasn't even been in the top 25; Firefly's been doing quite a bit better, not a good sign.
vampire dan, Universal have Joss on the promotional interview front now which is a start. To be honest, in terms of rental, Blockbuster have ordered hardly any copies of the movie - a tiny fraction of the amount they'd allocate to a big release.

Serenity's lack of big US opening has proved so very troublesome for this in so many ways. It's possible it'll slowly earn the pennies on DVD, but I don't think it'll make the big splash people think it will.
gossi - of course the Alliance doesn't have a President! It has an Emperor. No, wait .....
Hahahah Thanx for the laugh Dcubed and Rogue.
I actually had a right big LOL then! I could just seeing you writing it Dcubed, hitting post and then re-reading what you'd posted and getting the double meaning, then swearing as your quickly editing it!

That was some funny!

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