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December 02 2005

Auction of Autographed Serenity Novelization. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is auctioning off a copy of the Serenity novelization.

This copy is signed by Morena Baccarin (Inara); Adam Baldwin (Jayne); Jewel Staite (Kaylee); Ron Glass (Book); Jamie Chambers (author, Serenity RPG); Keith R. A. DeCandido (author, Serenity novelization); Margaret Weis (publisher, Serenity RPG).

All proceeds will go to benifit the CBLDF.

Very cool and for a great 1st Amendment cause that I have long been a supporter of.
Yeah, the CBLDF is a great organization. The history of why it was formed and what it has accomplished makes for a great read. There should be a movie.
Certainly someone needs to make a documentary about the Mike Diana case in Florida. The only instance I know of in recent years where someone in the U.S. was convicted of a felony for nothing other than making unpleasant drawings. The fact that the CBDLF lost this case is a damn scandal and makes one wonder just how strong our constitution really is.
Good to see it's gone up. I was the one who got all the autographs and then donated the book to the CBLDF at Dragon*Con.

Please, bid early and bid often!
Bobster, absolutely with you, the Mike Diana fiasco spun my head around.

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