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December 04 2005

BFI TV Classics: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Authored by Anne Billson, a new, seemingly scholarly, work about BtVS has been published this month by the British Film Institute.

"Series by series, Anne Billson unravels the magic of Buffy, examining the Slayer's antecedents and influences and exploring how, in a broadcasting environment inimical to long-running series, Whedon and his collaborators were able to push the outside of the envelope, take so many risks and create a fully realised mythology in which the fantasy elements are underpinned by an emotional honesty that beings fresh relevance to the age-old story of the struggle between Good and Evil."

I want
Sounds very interesting. I think the description of the series is fantastic, just the kind of thing that would convince people to watch it instead of some of the mindless stuff you usually read about the series in TV guides.

I will definitely be getting this at some point.
Moved the quote inside the thread. Thanks for the link - I'll definitely be getting this too.

Seems like the "BFI TV Classics" series is a new line, since the BFI apparently has published only two other titles, both from the UK: Our Friends in the North, last month, and The Office.
Good edit. Thanks. Actually there will also be a Doctor Who book by Kim Newman ...
You can also find this book on I really want it!
I too want the book, but the cover is even worse than the Serenity DVD.
Yay! My pre-order of this book will be coming home to roost! :-)
published by the british film institute - now thats prestigious

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