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December 04 2005

Maybe we really shouldn't open the door? A hill in Bosnia may cover a pyramid... made by the Illyrians.

A scientist who studies Mesoamerican pyramid structures has found a similar construction in Bosnia. The work is concentrating on a possible entrance feature. Is this a sister temple to Vahla Ha'nesh? Will some of Illyria's long-lost followers come pouring through the door when it opens? I hope not.

Jeez, don't these people ever read Michael Crichton?! Bad things happen when science tampers with nature!!!

In this case, tons of the goddess Illryia's followers are going to crush our world and Angel will be forced to come to our rescue. Which may lend itself to a sixth season.

Hmm...maybe tampering is good...
At the cost of millions of Bosnian-Hergotzovians Unplugged Crazy?
Could this be the true location of Illyria's Army of Doom? Maybe it wasn't destroyed, just misplaced. Or maybe her army had had enough of Los Angeles and simply relocated.

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As said Cordelia, some things should stay earthed :)
Cool find. For a minute, I didn't read the link title properly, just scanned it quickly, and thought it said something about llamas. I must have confused the double "L" in Illyrians.
Cool, but just as I was making sense of Ben and Glory in real life, now I have to Fred Illyria or is Illyria Fred...or is Amy Clare??
First there's Hobbits in New Guinea, now Illyrian Pyramids. It would appear that the super fandom mythologies can no longer be contained in the realm of fantasy and sci-fi. Now I'm just waiting for people to start evolving with super powers and the development of simple interplanetary space travel. Hey, I can hope can't I? --Actually InevitableTraitor using Dhoffryn's acct
What's this about Ben and Glory?
What's this about Ben and Glory?

It never gets old.
It never gets old.

Oh, i don't know about that! :D
Funny! 'Illyrians'. And very interesting. Could change quite a bit of our view of european history. Makes you think what else is out there that we've never found. Thanks for posting this.

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